MESA Fun STEM Summer Camp 2022

“Expanding our Horizon”

Tacoma/South Puget Sound MESA is offering an in-person summer camps for middle school and high school students covering STEM topics, such as Sound Engineering, Robotics, and Science. The summer camp is designed to focus on three STEM topics and will be held throughout July 11th- July 29th. Students will be allowed to participate in one camp only, Monday through Friday, and attend a field trip at the end of each camp.

Purpose: MESA STEM summer weekly camps encourage and inspire students entering 6th-12th grade to develop a passion for science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and develop the leadership and academic skills necessary to pursue a career in STEM fields.

Learning Objective: During the STEM weekly camps, students will have opportunities to develop their skill set, meet professionals in the STEM field, work on projects, and make new friends!

Camp & Dates:

July 11th-July 22nd **BOEING Grant Cohort 2│Engineering and Music Production Camp
In this summer camp, middle school students will explore and learn STEM concepts about music and sound engineering. In addition to learning how to create/modify sounds, students will learn about drum beats and patterns. Showcase Day July 15th & July 22nd

July 11th-July 21st │Science Camp
In this summer camp, middle and high school students will explore Biology concepts through seed germination, observe patterns of growth in response to various stimuli. They will identify connections among organisms within their local ecosystem and the various effects of touch, light, or gravity on plant growth. Greenhouse Fieldtrip: July 21st

July 18th-July 28th │Robotics Camp
In this summer camp, middle and high school students will explore Coding concepts through micro:bit by building a smart home/solar panel house. Students’ projects will focus on renewable energy and solar power management. Greenhouse field trip: July 28th


  • Middle School  11:00 am-12:30 pm
  • High School  1:00 pm-2:30pm

Who can apply: The camps are designed for middle school and high school students. Students must be entering middle school or high school by Fall of 2022.

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 1st, 2022

Questions: For further questions, please contact MESA’s Office Manager Toniqua Bouie at