MESA Class

A MESA class is scheduled as an elective and provides project-based, hands-on math and science activities using the MESA modules that will enrich what students are currently learning in their math and science classes. Guests speakers from relevant career fields will be invited to visit the classroom and the class may include field trips to extend learning opportunities. The MESA Class is not designed to replace a math or science core requirement.

MESA Math or Science Enrichment Class

A MESA Math or Science Enrichment class is designed to provide additional learning opportunities in an existing high school math or science class.

Students working with straws

The MESA middle or high school modules used in the class are chosen to complement the schools curriculum and to provide a broader context for student experience and learning. Through this enrichment, students will have exposure to real-world applications of the topics they are learning in class through activities, guest speakers and possibly field trips.

After School Enrichment

The after school enrichment program is an academic program that provides additional hands-on math, science and engineering activities for middle and elementary students. The program may include activities from MESA modules, MESA Day preparation, guest speakers, or field trips.

Mesa Tutoring/Study Group

The Mentor/Tutoring sessions are held after school. College students work with the MESA student by tutoring math and science along with supporting them on their MESA Day project.

Students working on a laptop


Each year we sponsor and mentor elementary and middle school teams to compete in FIRST’s FLL Lego Robotics competition. They learn about the year’s theme (transportation, medicine, food, etc) as well as team work, gracious professionalism, programming, and robots.

Summer Programs

We offer two summer MESA programs: “Math is Power” Bridge Program and our Mary H. Moore College Prep Summer Academy.

The purpose of our “Math is Power” Bridge Program is to develop students’ mathematical skills to prepare the students for high school algebra. The direction of the program follows MESA’s mission, which is a hands-on approach to learning as compared to the traditional classroom setting.

Student doing a math problem

The curriculum set forth emphasizes working collaboratively in groups and engages students in math games focusing on pre-algebra material. Furthermore, with our low student-teacher/tutor ratio compared to the traditional classroom setting, our program is able to provide the needed support for these students to grasp the pre-algebra material and strengthen their mathematical skills.

Our Mary H. Moore College Prep Summer Academy is a college planning workshop designed for 10th – 12th graders to assist with their post-secondary educational goals. We expose our students to many career options offered in the fields of math, engineering, science and technology. Also, we provide opportunities for students to tour college campuses in the Seattle-Tacoma area while also assisting our students, in the form of workshops, as they begin to start applying to universities/colleges.