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Ann Pancake’s most recent book is Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley (Counterpoint 2015).  Her first novel, Strange As This Weather Has Been (Counterpoint), was one of Kirkus Review’s Top Ten Fiction Books of the year, won the 2007 Weatherford Prize, and was a finalist for the 2008 Orion Book Award and the 2008 Washington State Book Award.  Her collection of short stories, Given Ground (University Press of New England) won the Bakeless award, and she has also received a Whiting Award, an NEA grant, and a Pushcart Prize.  In 2016, she was the first recipient of the Barry Lopez Visiting Writer in Ethics and the Community Fellowship.  Fiction and essays have appeared in journals and anthologies like Orion, The Georgia Review, Poets and Writers, and New Stories from the South, the Year’s Best.  She earned her BA from West Virginia University and her PhD from the University of Washington, and she teaches in the MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University.

Mentor. Workshops and classes in fiction and nonfiction.

Statement: “My greatest commitment as both a writer and a teacher is to writing that originates in deep personal investment because I believe that only by writing from this place in ourselves do we produce real art. For this reason, I think the most valuable expertise I can bring to my students is not my education in literature, nor what I’ve learned about craft after practicing it for twenty years, although I’ll bring those, too. It’s my ability to listen: to students, as they describe their interests, backgrounds, and aspirations, and to their drafts, from their earliest conceptions to their final stages. Through this kind of close listening, I help students find their passions. I guide them towards discovering and developing their own authentic voices. And I teach them to identify and then realize their drafts’ richest potential.”