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MFA in Creative Writing - Low Residency

Greg Glazner

Poetry, Mixed-Genre, Criticism

Greg Glazner Profile
  • Personal


Greg Glazner’s books of poetry are From the Iron Chair and Singularity, both published by W.W. Norton.  His awards include The Walt Whitman Award, The Bess Hokin Award from Poetry, and an NEA Fellowship.  Excerpts from his recently-completed multi-genre novel, Opening the World, have appeared in Poetry (feature), Ploughshares, The Idaho Review, Seneca Review, and other magazines.  His band, Professor Len and the Big Night, combines a literary reading with live music.  An electric guitarist as well as a writer, he is currently collaborating with the composer Garrett Shatzer on a blues-influenced piece in the art song tradition to be sung by the tenor David Saul Lee, accompanied by CityWater New Music Ensemble.  In addition to writing the text, Glazner will play electric guitar with CityWater in Bay Area performances.  When he’s not teaching at PLU or at UC Davis, where he is a Visiting Writer, he lives in Creede, Colorado with his partner, the writer Pam Houston.

Mentor. Workshops and classes in poetry, mixed-genre, and criticism.

Statement: “I love the reciprocal relationship between technical matters on the one hand, and subject matter on the other. I’ve been focused for years on how the explosiveness of just being alive can call into question the aptness of one’s acquired technique. Equally, I’ve been fascinated with how a technical revision—cutting a weak stanza, say, or letting the sound of a word dictate a next phrase that unmoors some of a poem’s original intended meaning—can sometimes result in vastly livelier subject matter. I think that the most difficult and rewarding thing about being a writer is that we are forced to honor two opposite and essential necessities at once: the necessity to learn and master craft, and the necessity to be given over to a process that takes us beyond our conscious intentions into something more akin to dreaming. I go to lengths to make sure that my workshops and mentor relationships honor this rich doubleness.”