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Kent Meyers is the author of a memoir, a book of short fiction, and three novels, most recently Twisted Tree, which won a Society of Midland Authors award and a High Plains Book award, and was translated into French.  The River Warren and Light In the Crossing were New York Times Notable Books, and The Work Of Wolves won the Mountain and Plains Booksellers Association Award and an American Library Association Award.  Meyers has published fiction and essays in numerous literary journals.  He teaches at Black Hills State University in South Dakota and in Pacific Lutheran University’s Rainier Writing Workshop.

Mentor. Workshops and classes in fiction and nonfiction.

Statement: “I’ve heard writers say that, to avoid influence, they never read fiction when they’re writing it. I, on the other hand, want to be influenced—by everything: the shadows on the sidewalk, the expression on a stranger’s passing face, the music from an open window and, yes, other writers. I want to borrow power and style and voice, use them to challenge and stretch me. If that influence is too strong in the first draft, by the time the novel or story has gone through several revisions, it will have subsumed all those influences, taken them in and become its own thing. The same ought to be true for a writing workshop. We should be influenced and challenged by all those other minds—and yet in the end, emerge with our own, unique voice, an amalgamation that isn’t an amalgamation at all.”