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Suzanne Berne is the author of four novels: The Dogs of Littlefield, The Ghost at the Table, A Perfect Arrangement, and A Crime in the Neighborhood, which won Great Britain’s Orange Prize in 1999, as well as a book of nonfiction.  She has written frequently for The New York Times, and her short stories, reviews and essays have also appeared in Ploughshares, Agni, Vogue, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and The London Sunday Times among other publications.  She is the fiction editor for The Harvard Review and teaches creative writing at Boston College.

Mentor. Workshops and classes in fiction.

Statement: “In my view, the best thing a workshop can provide is excitement. By focusing on where a story is most original, most engaging – where it ‘burns the brightest,’ as I heard someone say last summer – the workshop can locate ideas and scenes a writer may not have realized had so much potential. It’s easy to lose faith in something you’re working on; in fact, losing faith in your own work may well be an essential part of writing well. So part of the workshop’s job is to help you locate that spark, where your work is most alive, original, memorable.   And then send you on your way again.”