Welcome to PLU FOB Bridge!

An experience designed specifically for Military Veterans who are transitioning out of the military and back into the Civilian Sector.

The Center for Military Support is proud to present “FOB Bridge” an experience specifically designed for military veterans. 

(“FOB”= Forward Operating Base, “Bridge”= a structure designed to get you safely over obstacles, from one area to another)

Taught by a combat veteran who served 23 years, and has 12 years’ experience assisting veterans to achieve success in college; This class will cover creating a bridge from your military career into your new focus area or industry. 

You will begin setting down new roots and establishing new routines, it will address how to find ways to rest and rejuvenate amid the stress of college life, and it will offer tips, tricks, and techniques for reflection and rejoicing in your accomplishments as you reach your own self-identified success goals.

 And like a FOB it’s a safe place where you will be surrounded by people who are here to protect you and provide you with everything you need to successfully accomplish your next mission. 

Welcome Home. 


This Semester students will be able to:

+ Engage weekly with faculty, staff, and fellow veteran students.

+ Engage with support resources both on and off campus.

+ Establish networks and relationships that will provide valuable experience and knowledge.

Course Schedule

What’s in Your Rucksack?

Welcome to PLU! And welcome back to being a student again. In this class we will inquire about your reasons and goals for attending PLU so we can assist you with setting down some roots. We will breakdown the importance of the physical and metaphorical contents of your new backpack in What’s in Your Rucksack? We will talk about establishing routines and connecting with Your people. And we will introduce you to the concepts of your New Mission, New Unit, and New Culture.

New Mission, New Unit, New Culture.

In this class we will ask about what success looks like for you. We will explore the PLU Mission Statement, what Lutheran means, and Diversity, Justice and Sustainability. We will also explore your strengths and learn how you might apply them to your future endeavors. 

Before you come to class:

Becoming a Student Again.

In this class we will discuss your routines the Attitudes and Behaviors of College Success (ABCs)

Overview of On-Campus Resources.

In this class we will explore the concept of Less Stress = More Success! To ensure “less stress” for you, it helps to talk to folks who have already done what you are about to do. (Library, Center for Student Success, Tutoring, Center for Military Support, etc…test taking strategies, attitude, test anxiety, DSS and accommodations).

Degree Planning

In this class we will explore how you might plan or map your academic career using tools such as your CAPP Report, the Course Catalog, the Occupation Outlook Handbook, and the Banner class Schedule.

Writing, Writing, and Writing 

In this class we will explore Writing styles, Essay writing overview, sending professional emails (signature, addressing professors, etc…)

Community Involvement

In this class we will explore Community involvement, networking and we will talk with an Alumni panel about how to set yourself up for success through Being an active member of your community.

Planning for Employment

In this class we will explore the importance of a Summer job, writing a Living Resume, and how to write a compelling Cover letter. We’ll also talk about Goal setting. What do you want to do next? -Where will you be in 5 years. How do you get there?

30 second elevator pitches about future career.

Interpersonal relationship skills 

How to survive working with a Group at PLU and why we do it.

Growth Mindset 

In this class we will explore learning how we learn and  

Learning Goal Orientation or SMART goals.

Financial Wellness

In this class we will explore budgeting and financial management.

Grit and Resilience

In this class we will explore a Goal Setting Check-in.

Ask the question: What is your 2-year plan.

And talk about the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of it.

Final Reflections

In this class we will celebrate your semester victories, offer tips for those of you stressing about finals/capstone and then discuss your final thoughts about what you hoped to get from this class, what you got from this class, and what we could do to make it a better class for future veterans.


We at the Center for Military Support would like to Thank Luke Ruiz Assistant Director of the PLU Diversity Center for his leadership in developing the model for this class with his Lute’s Masterclass, and for allowing us to use that model. Thanks Luke!

We would also like to thank the Thrive Network for their hard work in conceptualizing with the 3R framework which highlights the temporal flow of a semester and the key points common within. 

PLU Would also like to thank Michael Sisson, the Puyallup Tribal Liaison for his assistance with developing the Welcome Ceremony and for his collaboration on the reintegrative nature of this program.

A heartfelt thanks to the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs for their stalwart support of the veterans of our state and for the training and personnel they provide us every year.