Welcome to the PLU Veteran Onboarding Class!

An experience designed specifically for Military Veterans who are transitioning out of the military and back into the Civilian Sector.

The Center for Military Support is proud to present a class for military veterans that is specifically designed to address the common obstacles faced when stepping back into academics after the military service. Taught by a combat veteran who served 23 years, and has 12 years’ experience assisting veterans to achieve success in college; This class will cover setting down new roots and establishing new routines, it will address how to find ways to rest and rejuvenate amid the stress of college life, and it will offer tips, tricks, and techniques for reflection and rejoicing in your accomplishments as you reach your own self-identified success goals.

This Semester students will be able to:

+ Engage weekly with faculty, staff, and fellow veteran students.

+ Engage with support resources both on and off campus.

+ Establish networks and relationships that will provide valuable experience and knowledge.