2017 Capstone Titles

Initial Public Offering as an Investment Strategy

S&P 500 Inclusion Effect

An Investigation Into ESG Constraints and Possible Portfolio Implications

Valuation of a Closely Held Business

The Effects of the New Accounting Standards for Leases on Financial Analysis

2018 Capstone Titles

The Impact of Cumulative Student Loan Debt on Investing in Housing

Portfolio Optimization: Optimizing the Market Index

The Impact of Abenomics on the Equity Market: Is it Time to Invest in Japan Again?

Factor Investing: A Contrarian Approach to the Size Anomaly

A Look into the 2007 U.S. Mortgage Crisis: Causes and Effects

Which Investor Type Receives the Largest Risk Adjusted Returns?

Performance of the Brazilian Stock Market

Calendar Anomalies in the Cryptocurrency Market

Social, Mass Media and Option Premiums: The Impact of Market Related News

Social Responsibility and Financial Performance: Related Links

How Do Banks Manage Risks and What Are They?