MSF Program Cost 

  • The 2018-2019, 10-month MSF is 40 continuous semester hours from fall of 2018 to summer 2019, with a total program cost of $39,400 or $985 per semester hour.
  • Students with undergraduate majors in accounting, economics, or finance may be able to waive 4 semester units (ECON 503, BMSF 512, or BMSF 514) thus reducing the program to 36 semester hours for a program cost of $35,460 or $985 per semester hour.
  • Tuition is based on a cohort model. Students must complete the program with their cohort to remain eligible for cohort pricing.
  • Additional fees may include: Books, Graduation Fee, etc.
  • Federal financial aid is available, and students may apply for PLU graduate scholarship and fellowships. The FAFSA application becomes available for the following academic year on October 1st.
2018-19 Academic Year
Please note: Federal Financial aid is not available for J-Term
Term Credit hours Cost
Fall 2018 4 courses (16 credits) $15,760
J-Term 2019 1 course (4 credits) $3,940
Spring 2019 4 courses (16 credits) $15,760
Summer 2019 1 courses (4 credits) $3,940