Course Descriptions

Full-time program length: 9 months for full-time students (September – May)

Total semester hours: 36 semester hours

Full-time term 1: Fall semester (14 weeks) September - December

BMMR 502 Marketing Strategy – 4 semester hours

This course will provide frameworks and tools to solve strategic-level marketing problems.  Emphasis will be on the information needs of senior marketing executives and how marketing research informs marketing decisions.  May include a service learning component.

BMMR 504 Quantitative Marketing Research – 4 semester hours

Methods and techniques of quantitative marketing research.  Emphasis on research design, data collection, basic data analysis including chi-square, correlation, ANOVA and regression as well as interpretation and presentation of results.  Students will work in groups to provide a custom research project for a business or nonprofit client.

BMMR 508 Qualitative Marketing Research – 4 semester hours

Methods and techniques of qualitative marketing research.  Will examine focus groups, depth interviews, projective techniques, ethnography and other qualitative techniques.

BMMR 528 Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – 4 Semester hours

This course provides an overview of theories on consumer behavior as well as concepts and applications of CRM.  The focus is on analytical techniques for use with an organization’s customer database and on how to enhance the company’s relationship with customers.  The course includes detailed discussions of the ethical use of customers’ information as well as consumers’ privacy concerns.

Total: 16 credit hours

Full-time term 2: J-term (4 weeks) January

BMMR 587: ST: Graduate Research Project in Marketing I – 4 semester hours

Students will work independently with faculty to develop a research proposal and survey design for original research which may be targeted for journal publication.  At the end of the term the student will be prepared to begin collecting data for next phase of this project.

Total: 4 semester hours

Full-time term 3: Spring term (14 weeks) February - May

BMMR 524 Advanced Research Methods – 4 Semester hours

Emphasis on data analysis and interpretation using multivariate techniques including principal component and factor analysis, logistical regression, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, perceptual mapping structural equation modeling and other techniques.

BMMR 526 Big Data and Digital Analytics – 4 Semester hours

This course provides a broad overview of analytic strategies for (structured and unstructured) data collected in interactive channels (online, mobile, social, etc). Topics covered include web analytics, big data and key performance indicators, how to analyze the effectiveness of social media, and how to optimize the digital experience by incorporating testing and experimentation.

BMMR 530 Data Mining – 4 Semester hours

This course will examine both descriptive and predictive techniques in data mining.  The core topics to be covered in this course include classification, clustering, association analysis, and forecasting with an emphasis on the use of software tools for making evidenced-based decisions.  Legal and ethical restrictions on  the use of customer information will be discussed.

BMMR 599 Graduate Research Project in Marketing II – 4 semester hours

Students will work independently with faculty to complete the marketing research project and write a publishable research article with intent to submit to a targeted journal.

Total: 16 semester hours