2021-22 Recital Scheduling and Information

  • Scheduling for Fall recitals will begin Monday, September 13 and must be scheduled no later than Friday, October 15.  Spring scheduling will begin Monday, October 11 and must be scheduled no later than Wednesday, December 15.  Failure to miss a deadline to schedule will result in not being able to schedule your recital for the given semester.
  • The below information should provide an overview of some of the updates and general guidelines to scheduling your recital, recital juries, dress rehearsals, and programs for the 2021-22 academic year.
  • Anything not covered here, along with other pertinent recital information will be reviewed when you meet with Ryan Marsh to schedule your recital.
  • A more in depth overview of our typical recital information can be found by visiting the Student Recital Information page.  You are encouraged to review all of the information found here, with the below updated information and guidelines for 2021-22 in mind.
  • If at any time you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Ryan or your instructor/committee for clarification.


  • How to schedule:
    • To schedule your recital you must meet with Ryan Marsh in the Music Office (appointments will be available via appointment only via Zoom or in-person). To schedule an appointment, please visit Ryan’s PLU Google calendar. Beginning September 13th, Recital Scheduling Office Hours will appear (where available) between the hours of 9-11:30am and 2-3:30pm (in half hour intervals) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. From this appointments page select a date and time you would like to meet. The request will be added to Ryan’s calendar. If you prefer to meet via Zoom, a Zoom link will be added to the appointment the day of the meeting.
    • Please note: you must sign up for an appointment using your PLU email account.
    • Upon final confirmation of your recital date by you, your instructor, and Ryan Marsh, an electronic document containing all of your recital information will be shared with you and your instructor. In lieu of a physical signature on paperwork, Ryan will add a comment saying “Please approve” to the signature and date line of this document for you and your instructor each to mark as approved. You and your instructor must respond to this approval request comment as “Approved” in order for your scheduled recital to be confirmed, scheduled, and finalized. Your recital will not be fully confirmed until you and your instructor respond with approval. Following this confirmation, you will be sent a confirmation once everything is scheduled.
    • Recitals and presentations will be scheduled to be in-person, and audiences are permitted.  We will continue to assess any changes regarding permitting an audience as health guidelines and regulations permit.

Dress Rehearsals

  • Upon successful completion of your recital jury, an in-person dress rehearsal can be scheduled. Due to time and space limitations, dress rehearsals will be limited to one hour. Since this may not be sufficient to perform all of the recital repertoire, this rehearsal should be considered a sound check in the hall.


  • Recital juries will be in-person and scheduled to take place approximately two to three weeks prior to your recital date.


Program information will need to be submitted using the guidelines, instructions, and templates found on the Student Recital Information page. The following is an outline of submitting program information for your recital:

  • Work with your instructor/committee to draft and review your program repertoire, notes, translations, and other information.
  • The “Instructions for Submission of Programs” box will provide instructions on how to put your program information together, as well as templates and samples of programs
  • It is important to finalize your program along with your instructor/committee so that it is as finished a product as possible (this will help alleviate any final editing before the final document is saved and printed to be kept for archival records). Please make sure to maintain the structure and prompt provided in the template. If any translations are to be provided, they will be done so separately (notes for formatting translations can also be found on the “Instructions for Submission of Programs” page
  • Please submit your final program info as a word document (so that any necessary edits can be made prior to posting)
  • Your final program version can be submitted using the “Program Drop Box.” This will go to Ryan Marsh in the Music Office, who will then finalize and save an electronic copy of the program for archival purposes and print for distribution at your recital.
  • Program information only needs to be submitted for those who must give a recital. Those who are giving presentations do not need to provide a program, nor are programs required for non-degree recitals.
  • Please submit the final version of your program following your jury and prior to your actual recital (approximately two weeks prior to your recital date).