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Minor Requirements

24 semester hours completed with a grade of C- or higher

1. Core courses in Native American and Indigenous Studies

8 semester hours
Students must take the following core courses that introduce the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies and explore key approaches and issues within it.

  • NAIS 111: Interconnections (2) NOTE: for Fall 2018 NAIS 287: Special Topics: Interconnections (1) will replace this course. Overall credit hour requirements will be reduced accordingly.
  • NAIS 112: Interconnections (2)
  • NAIS 250: Introduction to Native American and Indigenous Studies (4)

Huelsbeck with student
Professor David Huelsbeck engages with students at the Makah Research and Cultural Center in Neah Bay.
2. Northwest Language and Worldview

8 semester hours
Students select two from among these three courses exploring Indigenous language and worldviews of the Pacific Northwest. Equivalent coursework in other Indigenous languages may be substituted for SOLU 101 and/or 102.

  • SOLU 101: Southern Lushootseed: Introduction to Oral Language (4)
  • SOLU 102: Southern Lushootseed: Oral Language Dialogue (4)
  • ANTH 190/192/491: Practicing Anthropology: Makah Culture, Past and Present (4)

3. Electives

8 semester hours
Students select two of the following courses that study Indigenous topics and perspectives. These courses must each be from a different department or program.

  • ANTH 190/192/491 Practicing Anthropology: Makah Culture Past and Present (4) (if not used to satisfy the Northwest Language and Worldview requirement above)
  • ANTH 225: Past Cultures of Washington State (4)
  • ANTH 230: Peoples of the Northwest Coast (4)
  • ANTH 330: Cultures and People of Native North America (4)
  • ENGL 288: ST: Indigenous Literature of North America (4)
  • HIST 348: Lewis and Clark: History and Memory (4)
  • HIST 351: History of Western and Pacific Northwestern U.S. (4)
  • IHON 258: Colonization in the Americas (4)
  • NAIS 230: Indigenous Creation Narratives of the Americas (4)
  • RELI 227: Native American Theologies (4)
  • RELI 236: Native American Religious Traditions (4)
  • RELI 393: Native Traditions of the Pacific Northwest (4)
  • NORD 286: Sámi Culture in Global Indigenous Contexts (4)

Sami National Day
Professor Harald Gaski and Britt Rajala (Sámi) visiting in 2013.