New Faculty Orientation Schedule

The Office of the Provost works in close collaboration with the Wild Hope Center for Vocation to facilitate New Faculty Orientation, and to provide various New Faculty Development opportunities throughout the academic year.

2021 New Faculty Orientation will be held on Wednesday, August 25 and Thursday, August 26, 2021. Current schedule information is listed below; resources and materials will be updated as orientation approaches.

Important New Faculty Communication from Provost Joanna Gregson, July 2021

If you have not already, visit the Getting Started at PLU page for important information and steps to take before the beginning of the academic year.

New Faculty Orientation is by invitation only. If you did not receive an invitation, but feel that you should have, please contact the Office of the Provost ( For all other questions regarding orientation, please contact Laree Winer, Associate Director for the Wild Hope Center for Vocation (

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of the Provost with any other questions regarding your transition to PLU ( Welcome!

PLU information regarding COVID-19 is available online and updated regularly.


New Faculty Orientation is held in the Anderson University Center, room 133 in the lower level. The lower level can be accessed by stairs or elevator. The Anderson University Center is just to the west of Park Avenue and joins the university’s upper and lower campuses. Nearby parking lots include Anderson University Center lot, and Library lot. On orientation days it is fine to park in university lots without a parking decal.

8:30 am 


Continental Breakfast

Laree Winer (Director, Wild Hope Center for Vocation)
Jen Hasson (Senior Assistant to the Provost, Office of the Provost)

9:00 am 

Welcome and introductions

Joanna Gregson (Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Staff (Office of the Provost)
Tony Finitsis (Director, Wild Hope Center for Vocation; Associate Professor, Religion) via Zoom
Jen Smith (Dean of Inclusive Excellence)

Resource Review

9:30 am

The educational mission of PLU
Introduction to Lutheran Higher Education

Marit Trelstad (Religion)

10:45 am


11:00 am

Walk down to patio for photographs

The university photographer will be available to take head-shots of all new faculty members during orientation. Using the university photographer ensures consistency in appearance as these photos are most often used on department web pages and by our Marketing and Communications department in publications and promotions.

John Froschauer (University Photographer, Marketing and Communications)

12:00 pm

Lunch is served 

1:00 pm

Inclusive Pedagogy and the culture of teaching and learning at PLU

Jen Smith (Dean of Inclusive Excellence, Gender, Sexuality and Race Studies)

2:00 pm

Resources for Instructional Design at PLU

Dana Shreaves (Instructional Designer, Office of the Provost)

2:30 pm 

Who are the students you will encounter on the first day of class?
Who will help you respond to student needs?

Kristin Plaehn (Executive Director of the Center for Student Success)
Eva Frey (Dean of Students)

3:30 pm

Break – walk to Mortvedt Library

3:45 pm 

Library and technology services for teaching and research

Francesca Lane Rasmus (Director, Library)
Ardys Curtis (Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Systems)

5:00 pm 

Close of day one

8:30 am 

Continental Breakfast

9:00 am 

Introduction to the day
New faculty development workshops for 2021-2023

Jen Smith (Dean of Inclusive Excellence)

9:15 am

The Registrar’s Office resources and FERPA

Kevin Berg (Associate Dean of Institutional Research and Records)
Kelly Poth (Registrar)

9:30 am

Legal matters and risk management

Teri Phillips (Chief Operating Officer, Administrative Services)
Sue Liden (Director, Risk Services)

10:00 am

Tour of campus

Student Admission Ambassadors

11:00 am

Return to room 133
Benefits for Faculty

Gretchen Howell (Director of Human Resources)
Aileen Ochinang (Human Resources Specialist)

* Partners/spouses are invited to join faculty for this session.

12:00 pm

Introduction of university leaders
Allan Belton (President)
Geoffrey Foy (Associate Provost for Graduate Programs and Continuing Education)
Michael Frechette (Dean, Enrollment Management and Student Financial Services)
Patrick Gehring (Associate Vice President for Finance)
Joanna Gregson (Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Angie Hambrick (Associate Vice President for Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability)
Daniel Lee (Vice President for University Relations)
Teri Phillips (Chief Operating Officer)
Joanna Royce-Davis (Vice President for Student Life)
Jen Rude (University Pastor)
Jennifer Smith (Dean of Inclusive Excellence)
Lace Smith (Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications)
Bridget Yaden (Chair, University Faculty)

Neal Yakelis (Vice –Chair, University Faculty)

12:15 pm

New Faculty Lunch
Orientation closes with a welcome lunch for all new faculty and their spouses/partners and children if they would like to join.

New Faculty should also save the date for these important start of the year events (attendance is required):

Additional University/Faculty Fall Conference details are available online.