Three PLU students sit on the back of a truck in the Bahamas
Tropical Marine Biology in the Bahamas

Tropical Marine Biology – San Salvador, Bahamas Professor Mike Behrens and his Tropical Marine Biology class are spending J-Term in San Salvador, Bahamas. Follow their adventures and discoveries through their

2018-19 Faculty Excellence Recipients

The Division of Natural Sciences swept this year’s faculty ceremony, garnering 3 of the 5 prestigious awards. Every year during the PLU Christmas Celebration, the university honors the accomplishments of

Old Faithful eggs
Cracking the Secrets of Old Faithful’s Geyser Eggs

Researchers get their first look at a geological ‘gobstopper’ from Yellowstone, which may hold clues about its iconic geyser’s past and future. Geosciences Professor Emeritus Duncan Foley was one of

First in Family Faculty
Faculty Proudly Wear First-Gen Experience

TACOMA, WASH. (Spring 2018) – Ann Auman didn’t always publicize that she was first in the family to attend college. In fact, before Pacific Lutheran University started prioritizing the first-generation

Tarka Wilcox and student researchers
Summer of Science

For some, summer is a time for play. For others, it’s a time for work. But for many at Pacific Lutheran University, it’s a time for a little bit of

Student looks through binoculars towards ocean.
A Different Kind of Whale Watching

PLU students analyze the effects of vessel traffic on Hawaiian humpback whales. While many of their classmates braved a chilly winter back in Parkland, three Lutes sat on a beach