Rieke Weekie Art Contest Winners - 2020

Thank you to all the artists who submitted – we’re blown away by your creativity and talent! Winners were chosen by members of the PLU community who voted on their favorite pieces of art.

Natural Sciences 1st Place

"Earth's Fragile Future" by Katrina Sybouts, Biology 2022
Natural Sciences 2nd Place
"Reflection" by Hannah Jeffries, Chemistry 2021
Natural Sciences 3rd Place
"A student of color trapped in a disconnected "Zoon" classroom, which continues to be a white space even virtually, a space they want to "leave" and turn off their camera because they feel already unseen. Muted, silenced, and unheard, their hands try to break free of the four walls keeping them encased in a place that was not made for them." by Lisa Ha, Computer Science 2024

Biology 1st Place

"Hoopoes" by Savannah Truluck, Computer Science 2022
Biology 2nd Place
"PNWonderland" by Anastasia Tang, Biology 2021
Biology 3rd Place
"A Slug's Life" by Anastasia Tang, Biology 2021

Chemistry 1st Place

"PPE Not Required" by Katrina Sybouts, Biology 2022
Chemistry 2nd Place
"Crystallization" by David Yun, Chemistry 2022
Chemistry 3rd Place
"Contamination Gone WIld" by Aria Manning, Chemistry 2021.

Geosciences 1st Place

"The Natural Frame" by Hannah Jeffries, Chemistry 2021
Geosciences 2nd Place
"Equilibrium" by Macy Holguin, Biology 2021
Geosciences 3rd Place
"Ecocentric Feminists" by Kenzie Knapp, Environmental Studies 2023

Physics 1st Place

‘’One small reflection for man, one continuous forage for mankind’’ by Drake-Payta Koch, 3-2 Engineering 2023
Physics 2nd Place
"Tower Bridge" by Jamin Perry, Physics 2021
Physics 3rd Place
"Which one are you?" by Suzanne Shumaker, Physics 2022

You can learn more about the Rieke Art Contest and our annual Rieke Weekie event by visiting: www.plu.edu/nsci/rieke-weekie/