Rieke Slug

If you’ve ever walked through the Rieke Science Center, it’s pretty likely you’ve seen our slug diorama.┬áThe Rieke slug was created by PLU Biology Professor Jens Knudsen. Dr. Knudsen was not only an excellent teacher and biologist, but also a talented artist in sculpting, wood carving, and painting. The slug and accompanying tidal scene were part of a much larger installment that Dr. Knudsen made for the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Sadly, the other dioramas have been lost, but the slug and tide pool are part of the Rieke Science Center’s legacy.

Well, we finally decided it’s time for the slug to get an official name!

We received 345 name submissions and have narrowed that down to 7 finalists. Help us select a great name by voting between now and September 30th. You can fill out a paper ballot in Rieke or vote online by clicking the button below.

The winning name will be revealed at a party on Friday, October 5th during Chapel Break (10:30-11:00am) in the Rieke 1st floor lobby (next to the slug, of course!). There will be cake, slug facts from the Biology and Chemistry clubs, as well as GREAN (Environmental Studies Club), and slug selfies!