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Student-Researcher Responsibilities

Student-Researcher Responsibilities

The Natural Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program’s available funding limits the number of student fellowships awarded. Before submitting your application, please examine your willingness to demonstrate focused interest in, and commitment to, this valuable research experience.

Student-researchers will:

 be free from other obligations, during the minimum of 400 research hours, which may include weekdays, evenings, weekends, or 24/7 field work, depending on the specific research project’s nature and the demands of the research processes defined by your mentor

 expect a maximum $4,940.00 research fellowship for participation in all program commitments through November

 meet formally with mentors before, and regularly during, summer research

 attend and participate in Professional Development Lunch Meetings as scheduled during June, July, and August 2019

 submit the completed Student-Researcher Program Evaluation Google form by Friday, 9 August 2019

 submit a thoughtful written Research Summary or Report that includes the research title and abstract by Friday, 16 August 2019

 prepare a Research Poster and Talk for presentation at one or more PLU research events

 fully participate in the 28th Regional Conference on Undergraduate Research of the Murdock College Science Research Program (MCSRP), 8-9 November 2019, Hilton Hotel Convention Center, Vancouver WA, with travel beginning 7 Nov PM, if selected to attend; this may require missing up to three class days, depending on course schedule

 uphold the highest ethical standards in research, and with respectful attitude and appropriate behavior, show willingness to engage in teamwork to fulfill all responsibilities, as requested by your assigned mentor