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Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Summer 2018 Student-Researcher Fellowship Applications

Applications accepted beginning: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

DUE no later than: 5:00PM, Wednesday, 28 February 2018

But wait to complete your Google application form, until you carefully read the information included on this website. In order to access some of this information, you need to be logged-in with your assigned epass@plu.edu (no aliases.)

Start with the Student-Researcher Responsibilities to be sure you understand what your commitment would be.

Next, examine the mentors’ Research Projects Titles and Abstracts. Some provide videos, as well. If you find research projects that interest you, consider requesting an appointment to meet with the projects’ mentors. Introduce yourself, if the mentor has not met you. Ask your questions; however, be sure you know what is on the website, so the faculty member does not have to repeat the information available there. If you need to find contact information, select the Mentor Profiles button. Don’t forget to thank the mentors for their time spent with you.

Decide your 1st and 2nd mentor choices to list on your application form.

Now, you are likely ready to complete your application. You can fill in the first questions quickly. Take more time to thoughtfully respond to the latter questions. It is here that you can really shine. The form will expand allowing you to answer in a paragraph or two.

As soon as you submit your form, the mentors have access to see all your responses. If a mentor chooses to look at your college transcript, the mentor can find it on Banner Web. Letters of Recommendation are not required for every applicant; however, a mentor has the option of requesting one or more from you.