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Natural Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Each summer approximately 30 students work together with faculty members on research projects that lead them on a path of discovery. The Natural Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Program (NSSURP) engages students in active exploration involving both imagination and the thorough testing of ideas. Under a mentor’s one-on-one guidance during ten weeks of focused investigation, the student-researcher experiences a wider dimension of learning rarely accessible from the academic-year textbook and laboratory assignments. Through both the failures and the triumphs of research, students can gain confidence in their ability to face unknowns and to solve problems, can develop ways of thinking that typify researchers, and can appreciate the exhilaration of discovery. Student-researchers can then bring a richer understanding of the natural sciences to their future roles as professionals and as world citizens.

These summertime pursuits often result in the presentation of papers at professional meetings or publication in peer-reviewed journals, with undergraduates as co-authors.

For Summer 2015 NSSURP

The student-application due date was 25 February 2015.

2015 NSSURP Calendar 021315

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles Recently Published, Pending Publication, Being Written 021215 1412

Research Titles and Abstracts 2015 021215 1335


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