Timeline for SoN Evaluation Activities

PLU School of Nursing
Program Evaluation Timeline

(To accompany SoN Systematic Evaluation Plan)

BSN & MSN Accreditation: Spring 2013, 10 year period (Next due Spring 2023)

DNP Accreditation: Spring 2016 (Maximum term of accreditation = 5 years, 2021)

WA State NCQAC Status Report: June 30, 2017

CCNE Compliance Report: October 2018

CIPRs due Spring 2018, all programs

Consider Reaccreditation for all programs in Spring 2021

PEC = Program Evaluation Committee

NCQAC = WA State Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission

CIPR = CCNE Continuous Improvement Report

AFO = Aggregate Faculty Outcomes

FARSA = Faculty Activity Report and Self Assessment

SEP = Systematic Evaluation Plan

QCCCR = Quality Cycle for Course & Curriculum Review

PIP = SoN Performance Improvement Plan

Program Evaluation, Completed Activities, 2014-15 AY:

Academic TermFocus/Activity
Fall 2014II-C. New Chief Nurse Administrator, August 2014
Spring 2015I-A. Developed SoN Values & Vision
I-A. Revised SoN Mission Statement
I-A. Developed SoN Philosophy
I-A. Developed Strategic Planning Framework & Initiatives
I-A. Defined Prof Stds & Guidelines used by the academic programs
I-B. Defined Community of Interest
I-B. Convened SoN Community Advisory Council
I-C. Defined Expected Aggregate Faculty Outcomes (RAD)
I-D, III-F. Developed UG and Grad Student Advisory Councils
I-D. Began UG and Grad Student Forums
I-D Updated SoN Organizational Charts (Dean)
I-E. Website & Facebook Updates
I-F. Updated UG and Grad Student Handbooks (RAP)
II-A. Revised Faculty Workload Guidelines (Dean)
II-A. Revised Contingent Faculty Salaries
II-A. Secured two additional TT faculty lines (Dean)
II-A. Participated in Campus Master Planning Process (Dean)
II-E. Updated Preceptor Database
III-A. Launched DNP Program
III-F. Implemented Student Advisory Councils and Student Forums
III-H. Developed Quality Cycle for Course and Curriculum Review (QCCCR)
III-H. Annual Course Summaries Implemented with Graduate courses (CIC)
IV-A. Revised and Updated the SoN Systematic Evaluation Plan (SEP)
IV-A. Convened Ad Hoc Program Evaluation Committee (PEC); Added PEC to Bylaws
IV-A. Defined SoN Evaluation Days
IV-B. Defined Program Completion/Graduation Rates
IV-D. Initiated collection of employment rate data
IV-E. Defined Program Outcomes in SEP
IV-E. Initiated Student End-of-Program Surveys
IV-F. Defined Expected Aggregate Faculty Outcomes (RAD)
Summer 2015I-C. Developed SoN Faculty Handbook (Dean, RAD)
I-F. Identified academic policies needed (Dean, CIC, RAP, PEC)
III-G. Implemented Performance Progression Alert with at-risk students
III-H. Began completing Annual Course Summaries for graduate courses
IV-A. Convened PEC
IV-A. Developed SoN Program Evaluation Timeline
IV-B. Initiated tracking of Graduation/ Completion Rates
IV-C. Updated tracking of NCLEX and certification Pass Rates
IV-D. Initiated tracking of Employment Rates
IV-E. Developed and Administered Employer Satisfaction Survey
IV-F. Initiated tracking of Aggregate Faculty Outcomes
IV-H. Completed SoN Annual Report
IV-A,H. Planned SoN Evaluation Days
Fall 2015IV-A,H. Implemented SoN Evaluation Days
CCNE Submitted DNP Self-Study
Spring 2016CCNE DNP Accreditation Site Visit
WA NCQAC Site Visit and Plan of Correction
III-H. Began completing Annual Course Summaries for undergraduate courses
IV-A, H Developed processes for Program Improvement Plans
Summer 2016Submitted WA NCQAC Plan of Correction
WA NCQAC DNP program approval for both FNP and PMHNP
CCNE submitted PMHNP DNP Substantive Change report
Administered alumni and employer satisfaction surveys
Beginning work on MSN curricular revisions and program updates

Required Program Evaluation Activities

Every Semester:
  • Update Preceptor Database (II-E; SoN Staff)
  • Complete and submit Preceptor Performance Evaluations (II-E; Clinical Faculty, RAD, CIC)
  • Complete Student Course Evaluations (III-D, F; Course Faculty & CIC)
  • Complete and submit Clinical Site Evaluations (III-E; Clinical Faculty, CIC)
  • Hold SoN Community Advisory Council meetings (I-B; IV-H; Dean, PEC)
  • Hold Student Advisory Council meetings and Student Forums (I-D, III-F; Dean, PEC)
  • Complete and submit Student Clinical Performance Evaluations (III-G; Clinical Faculty, CIC)
  • QCCCR: Review scheduled courses for Course & Curricular reviews (III-H; Course Faculty, CIC)
Every Fall:
  • Appoint student members of committees (I-D; SNO committees)
  • Update Faculty Database (II-D; SoN Staff)
  • Submit Faculty CVs (II-D; SoN Faculty)
  • Administer Faculty Satisfaction Survey (II-F; RAD)
  • Administer Alumni Satisfaction Survey (IV-E; PEC)
  • Conduct SoN Evaluation Day (IV-H; PEC, SNO Committees, SoN Faculty)
  • Update SoN Program Improvement Plan based on results of program evaluation activities (IV-H; PEC, SNO Committees, SoN Faculty)
Every Spring:
  • Bylaws Review (I-D; Exec Comm)
  • Catalogue Updates (I-E; SoN Staff)
  • Update UG and Grad Student Handbooks (I-F; Dean, RAP)
  • Budget review & analysis (II-A; Dean)
  • Update Workload Guidelines (II-A; Dean)
  • Calculate annual Program Completion/Graduation Rates, NCLEX & Certifications Pass Rates, Employment Rates (IV-B,C,D; SoN Staff, PEC)
  • Complete and submit FARSAs (SoN Faculty)
Every Summer:
  • Update Faculty Handbook (I-C; Dean, RAD)
  • Update SNO Committee Rosters (I-D; SoN Staff)
  • Identify academic policies & updates needed (I-F; Dean, PEC)
  • Conduct analysis of NCLEX test plan and ATI results (III-H, IV-C, IV-H; CIC)
  • Conduct analysis of Program Outcomes: Key Assignments, Portfolios, Student Exit Surveys, Alumni Satisfaction, Employer Satisfaction (IV-E; PEC)
  • Compile Aggregate Faculty Outcome data (IV-F; SoN Staff)
  • Conduct Faculty Performance Reviews (IV-F; Dean)
  • Complete SoN Annual Report (IV-H; Dean)
  • Plan SoN Evaluation Day (IV-H; PEC)
Ongoing/As Needed:
  • Ensure website & facebook information is up-to-date and accurate (I-E; SoN Staff)
  • Documentation of formal complaints; Use to foster program improvements (IV-G, IV-H; RAP, Dean, PEC)

SoN Program Evaluation Timeline, Fall 2015 – Summer 2018:










CCNE Self-Study Due – DNP & PG APRN ProgramsCCNE & NCQAC Site Visit – DNP & PG APRN ProgramsWA NCQAC Plan of Correction;

NCQAC DNP Program approval
WA NCQAC Status Report on Plan of Correction;CCNE CIPR Due: BSN, MSN, DNP, PG APRN
Std I
I-A. Develop 2015-2017 SoN Goals (Dean’s Leadership Council, Exec Comm)I-B. Conduct Needs Assessment for MSN-level Programming (Assoc Dean for Grad Programs)I-A. Develop 2017-2019 SoN Goals (Dean’s Leadership Council, Exec Comm)I-A. Review & Update

SoN Values, Vision,

Mission, Philosophy

Statements (Dean’s Leadership Council, Exec Comm)
I-C. Review & Update AFOs (RAD)
Std II
II-A. Develop plan for Ramstad Renovations (Dean)
II-F. Implement regularly scheduled administration of Faculty Satisfaction Survey (RAD)
III-A. Submit PMH DNP track for University approvals (Assoc Deam for Grad Programs)

III-A. Develop and submit PG APRN Certificate Programs

(Assoc Deam for Grad Programs, CIC)
III-A/H. Begin Review and Update of BSN & MSN Program Outcomes, including MSN Program deliverables/ Program array (CIC)III-A. Implement PMH DNP and PG APRN Certificate ProgramsIII-A-H. Continue BSN & MSN Review and Update (CIC)III-A-H. Complete BSN & MSN Review and Update (CIC)III-A: Review & Update DNP Program Outcomes;

Review & Update DNP Course Objectives

III-B. Develop policies for Curriculum Implementation: Testing policy; Use of ATI; Key Assignments – Link to Program Outcomes; Guidelines for Portfolio development; Use of Simulation; Clinical Competency Evaluations; Use of APA; Clinical Practicum for Grad programs; Expectations for faculty teaching clinical; Preceptor roles (CIC) III-A/H.

Begin Review & update of RN-MSN and Nurse Educator programs (CIC)


Begin Review & Update course objectives for BSN & MSN programs (CIC)
III-H. QCCCR: Review Spring 2015 Annual Course Summaries, Grad Program (CIC)

III-H. Develop schedule for Course & Curricular reviews (CIC)
III-B. Review & Update Prof Stds & Guidelines used and curricular alignment tables, BSN & MSN programs (CIC)
III-H. QCCCR: Plan BSN & MSN Curriculum Reviews & Updates/ Revisions

III-B. Ensure ELMSN and RN-MSN demonstrate achievement of the BSN and MSN Essentials (CIC)III-B. Review & Update Prof Stds & Guidelines used and curricular alignment tables, BSN, MSN, DNP programs (CIC)
Std IV
IV-A. Implement regularly scheduled SoN Evaluation Day


IV-A. Write DNP & PG APRN Accreditation Self Study (Assoc Dean for Grad Programs, SNO Committees, SoN Staff)
IV-E. Implement use of Key Assignments and Portfolios

for evaluating Program Outcomes (CIC)
IV-A. Review and revise SEP (PEC, Dean)
IV-E. Develop process for using Key Assignments and Portfolios in evaluation of Program Outcomes

IV-E. Develop and begin regularly scheduled administration of Alumni Satisfaction Survey

IV-G. Clarify policy on Formal Complaints (RAP, Dean);

IV-G. Develop Database of Student Petitions (Dean)
IV-H. Develop SoN Program Improvement Plan based on results of program evaluation activities (PEC)

PEC, 7/24/2015; Updates Aug 2016, SKS

SoN Evaluation Timeline