Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades provide a mechanism for students who are in good standing but have significant unforeseen circumstances preventing course completion in the normal time-frame. Incomplete grades affect nursing program progression and thus are permitted only in exceptional circumstances. If a student wishes to request an incomplete grade, they must first obtain permission from RAP before they are allowed to negotiate with the faculty of record. This will require the student to work with their advisor to petition RAP and complete the student’s portion of the Incomplete Contract Form from the Registrar’s office. The petition to RAP should include the reason for the request for an incomplete grade as well as a plan that would allow the student to complete the grade. The decision by the RAP committee will be whether or not the student may negotiate with the faculty of record for an incomplete grade and not to approve the contract between the student and the faculty of record. The faculty of record has the right to refuse an incomplete grade request regardless of the RAP decision and will determine the final plan for successful completion of the grade. Incomplete grades must be completed before the beginning of the next semester in which the student will be enrolled in nursing courses. Incomplete grades that are not completed by the agreed upon date on the Incomplete Contract Form by the beginning of the next nursing term will default to the agreed upon grade or E/F.