N499 Clinical Placements (ELMSN Pre-Licensure)

  1. Several months prior to the students’ enrollment in N499, the Clinical Placement Coordinator and course faculty will review the process with students at a class session.
  2. Students will be provided access to a Google Form “N499 Capstone Preference Form”.
  3. This form allows the student to indicate their top 3 clinical focus areas and geographical areas with highest priorities emphasized.
  4. The information gathered by this form is used to guide the coordination of the placements.
  5. The Clinical Placement Coordinator and assigned N499 course faculty review the preference forms and strive to place students into available slots based on preference.
  6. Faculty review of all suggested placement occurs to allow for input into the student’s historic academic and clinical performance.
  7. The goal of the practicum placement is to place the student into a setting where they will successfully be able to integrate all aspects of nursing into a cohesive beginning nursing practice.
  8. Student’s preferences are taken into consideration, but the focus of the placement is for the setting to be beneficial to the students’ development into the professional RN role. The only guarantee through this process is that every student will have a placement in which to complete their Capstone Practicum.

While clinical hours are listed at registration, please be aware that clinical hours and placements may change. The Clinical Placement Coordinator will communicate sites and pre-placement requirements timely. The expectation is that students will complete these pre-placement timely to avoid any delays in starting their clinical rotations.