Kaplan Assessment

PLU’s School of Nursing evaluation processes require the use of independent, external measures of student performance. This enables student performance to be compared to that of students in other nursing programs across the country.

Nursing education is academically rigorous, culminating in a comprehensive national licensure exam. While it is our goal that every student admitted to the PLU School of Nursing will be successful in achieving RN licensure, it is necessary and prudent to implement measures shown to foster first-time NCLEX-RN success. To assist students and faculty in assuring success, the School of Nursing employs both internal and external assessments of students’ progress.

The external testing package currently in use for all BSN and entry-level students is a nationally standardized exam from Kaplan. The Kaplan testing package includes multiple resources for students and faculty, including secure, proctored exams in major areas of study, online review modules, and un-proctored practice tests. The cost of Kaplan testing and resources is included in the School of Nursing Program fee.

The testing resources available from Kaplan are used as external assessments, providing students an opportunity to practice with NCLEX-style questions and identify areas in which additional academic work is needed. Faculty use the results of the Kaplan tests to evaluate student progression and curriculum effectiveness. In some courses the test is required as part of the class grade.

Test scores are available to students via the Kaplan website. Faculty advisors are available to review Kaplan results with all students. If a student performs below expectations on external testing, the student is responsible for seeking remediation (with faculty guidance), which may take the form of self-study, re-testing, use of PLU resources, a class, or other opportunities.
Students set up a Kaplan account, check test results, and take un-proctored exams at www.kpatest.com/login.