Accommodations & COVID-19: Fall 2021

Our obligations to provide reasonable accommodations in new remote formats and in-person are still in place. We are here to partner with students and faculty  as they make this transition. OAAs goal of  facilitating equal access and an inclusive environment for our students is paramount. It is important to understand that the University’s responsibility to ensure accessible courses, programs, and services has not changed. The Office of Civil Rights has already posted a short video affirming those obligations.

Once students learn more about the design of the course, they can bring accommodation needs to the attention of OAA. Faculty that can provide early communication about the course design and expectations to students, the better OAA can partner with students and faculty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are instituted.

While our goal is to offer reasonable accommodations that are seamless with the student’s needs, there may be concerns that arise. We will work together in partnership to determine a solution as quickly as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common student questions about accommodations in light of COVID-19 and Fall 2021.

Will I still receive accommodations if my classes move to an alternative mode of delivery?

Yes, accommodations are still active if the learning modality changes. In some cases, in-person accommodations will not be needed. In other cases, adjustments to an accommodation will need to be made with the new format and perhaps new technology. As always, if a student experiences  a new challenge with an online class, they can request an accommodation adjustment through OAA. Students should keep in mind that any accommodation adjustment must be related to their disability.

Is OAA’s office open?

During this time, all staff members are working remotely, 

Has the accommodation process changed?

No, the process is the same. However, intake and update meetings are taking place via phone, Google Hangout, or Zoom. 

Will PLU offer remote learning accommodations for Fall 2021? 

PLU is not offering any remote learning accommodations at this time. Because PLU has a high staff and student vaccination rate, the university is maintaining the in-person status. If a student is concerned, they are welcome to explore a medical withdrawal for the semester, or transfer to an online university. Alternatively, a student with a documented disability may apply for reasonable accommodations.

Should I check my PLU email address regularly?

Yes. It is important to check your PLU email addresses regularly for PLU accommodation information.

Important: Students will need to familiarize themselves with the accessibility built-in features on their devices (computers, laptops, phones). Built-in Text-to-Speech (TTS) features will enable your device to read text aloud. OAA also offers the app “Read and Write” to offer speech-to-text, and text-to speech. OAA will provide instructions to students on  Read and Write via your PLU email address; however, students can also do an internet search for TTS instructions/video tutorials that are specific to their devices’ make/model. Student may also want to consider note taking apps.