Core Requirements, Majors and Minors in Philosophy

University Core Requirements: The General Education requirement of four hours in philosophy may be satisfied with any course offered except for 233 Formal Logic, and 499 A/B Capstone. The initial course in philosophy is customarily 101, 125, or a 200-level course that provides a more focused topic but is still at the introductory level (220, 223, 228, 230, 238, 253). The 300-level courses are suited for students with particular interests who are capable of working at the upper-division level.

Bachelor of Arts Major: A Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy requires a minimum of 32 semester hours from the following requirements:

  • PHIL 233: Formal Logic
  • Four Hours from:
    PHIL 331: Ancient Philosophy
    PHIL 333: Early Modern Philosophy
    PHIL 334: Kant and the Nineteenth Century
  • Four Hours from:
    PHIL 335: The Analytic Tradition
    PHIL 336: Pragmatism and American Philosophy
    PHIL 338: Continental Philosophy
  • PHIL 499: Capstone: Advanced Seminar in Philosophy
  • Plus 16 hours elective coursework in PHIL

On approval from the department, one course (4 hours) in another field of study may be used for a double major in philosophy if it has a direct relationship to the student’s philosophy program.

Transfer students will normally take 16 or more of their 32 hours at PLU.

Students intending to major in philosophy should formally declare this with the department chair and choose a departmental advisor.

Students must be a declared philosophy major in order to be eligible for departmental scholarships.

Honors Major: In addition to the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Major, students must meet the following requirements for the honors major:

      1. 493 Honors Research Project, including an honors thesis written under the supervision of one or more faculty members and presented to the department.
      2. Completion of the departmental reading program of primary sources. Honors majors in philosophy are expected to complement their regular courses by reading and discussing 3-4 important works under the personal supervision of department faculty. The reading list should be obtained at an early date from the department chair. It is best that the reading program not be concentrated into a single semester, but pursued at a leisurely pace over an extended period.
      3. At least a 3.3 grade point average in philosophy courses, including at least a B in 493.

Minor: 16 semester hours of approved philosophy courses; for transfer students, at least 8 hours must be taken at PLU. One of the classes is required to be an upper division course (300 or 400 level). Students considering a minor should discuss their personal goals with departmental faculty.