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PLU Hosts Regional Ethics Bowl

Posted by:
November 8, 2016
Last Year's Team

Ethics Bowl Blurb…

The Ethics Bowl is a national forensics competition in which teams of students

representing different colleges and universities come together to discuss the ethical

dimensions of various preselected case studies drawn from contemporary events. Each

team spends several months preparing positions on the case studies, researching their

details and evaluating the relative rightness or wrongness of the actions and/or policies

described therein using ethical theories drawn from the history of philosophy. At the

competition itself, the teams square-off against one another, presenting and defending

their respective positions before panels of judges, who score the teams on how clearly

and thoroughly they have identified the central ethical dimensions of and presented their

respective positions on the case studies, and on how well they considered and addressed

viewpoints different from their own.

By participating in the Ethics Bowl, students are provided with an opportunity not only to

develop a deeper understanding of ethical theory and apply it to the real world, but also to

hone their skills in reasoned argumentation and public speaking. Moreover, they are

provided with a unique chance to interact with faculty and students from their own

institutions as well as from other colleges and universities. In all of these ways, the

experience is one that has the potential to reward them long after graduation.