PLU Teaching Online (PLUTO) - Rationale & Purpose

Pacific Lutheran University Teaching Online (PLUTO) is an opportunity for faculty to examine new technologies and innovations that could improve the teaching and learning experience. To support this initiative, PLU offers two programs that provide the training and support needed to thoughtfully design and implement online learning components at PLU.

PLU 2020 challenges the University to explore new instructional strategies and support the use of technology in the academic environment. Specifically:

“The University should strengthen means and methods for supporting faculty as they work to improve current academic programs, and should encourage faculty to explore the development of new curricular and pedagogical ideas and innovations.” p. 34

“The University should broaden its ongoing efforts to support the evolving use of technology in our academic, co-curricular, and living, learning and work environments.” p. 35

Pacific Lutheran University has a strong history of providing students with an exceptional learning experience. As PLU moves into the future, it is possible to embrace new pedagogies and technologies while remaining grounded in the University’s history and values. PLUTO programs help faculty design and teach online and blended courses that preserve the PLU learning experience. We encourage you to learn more about the PLUTO programs by exploring the links in the menu above.

EPC Recommendations for Designing Online and Blended Courses