PLUTO+ LogoThe PLUTO+ program helps faculty design and deliver high quality blended and online learning. Between 2014-2020, PLUTO Institutes for Online and Blended Learning prepared faculty to teach their first online or blended course at PLU. Post-pandemic, PLU faculty who wish to continue to teach online and blended courses will be approaching this with a wide array of skills and experiences. To better serve our faculty at this point in time, the PLUTO Institute for Online and Blended Learning has evolved into a new program that allows for greater flexibility and more personalized support: PLUTO+.

Program Components

  • Self-assessment to identify areas for professional development.
  • Asynchronous engagement with resources that support high-quality online/blended teaching practices.
  • Faculty learning community (3-6 faculty) meeting for book discussion, idea generation, and support.
  • Personalized workshops in support of online pedagogy and technology.
  • Course design support from the instructional designer.

The goal is to facilitate one small group in fall, winter, and spring. Any faculty member can participate in this program, and we hope that faculty with a range of experience with online and blended teaching will choose to participate. Faculty who complete the program will receive a stipend of $500. The maximum number of participants will be determined each year based on funding; for the academic year 2021-22, funding can accommodate up to 16 participants. Note that course design support is always available to any faculty member for any course regardless of participation in this program.

Application Deadlines

Fall: September 15
Winter: December 1
Spring: February 15