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PLUTO Program Application & Information

PLUTO Program Fast Facts

  • Participants are eligible for a $500 institute stipend + $1000 blended or $1500 online course development stipend.
  • Summer institute meets 9:00-2:00 Fridays during summer term II.
  • Winter institute meets 9:00-2:00 Mondays during j-term.
  • Courses must be taught within one year of completing the institute.
  • Blended courses may be taught any term; online courses must be taught during summer or j-term.
  • Program enrollment is limited; if necessary, priority is given to tenure-line faculty and higher enrollment courses.

Application Deadlines

Winter program applications due Nov. 15
Summer program applications due May 1

PLUTO Program Curriculum

The PLUTO program is itself a blended learning experience. Our program includes:

  • Online lessons and activities
  • Four institute meetings
  • Course development assignments
  • Three cohort meetings
  • Individual consultation meetings
  • Course review and student feedback

Participants will be given access to a Sakai site that delivers online lessons and activities for the program. Online coursework and institute activities are organized around five themes:

  • Unit 1: First Steps
  • Unit 2: Setting-Up Your Course Site
  • Unit 3: Developing Instructional Components
  • Unit 4: Optimizing Communication & Engagement
  • Unit 5: Final Steps

Participants also receive a copy of either  Essentials for Blended Learning – A Standards Based Guide, 2014, by Jared Stein and Charles Graham or Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards Based Guide, 2016, by by Marjorie Vai and Kristen Sosulski.

PLUTO Program Application

Thanks for your interest in online and blended learning at PLU. Please complete the following form to apply to participate in a PLUTO initiative. All applicants will be contacted within 3 days to schedule a consultation to discuss the program and your course development plans. Immediate questions can be directed to pluto@plu.edu.
(e.g. MUSI 101: Introduction to Music)
(Note: Online courses can only be taught during j-term and summer.)
(3 - 5 sentences)

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