Strategies for Remote Teaching & Learning

Instructors teaching face-to-face courses may need to utilize online teaching strategies to ensure instructional continuity during exceptional circumstances. When students and/or faculty cannot participate in face-to-face class sessions, instructors may opt to conduct virtual class meetings, record screencast videos, or develop online lessons and activities in Sakai. Below are a collection of resources to support teaching at a distance. New resources are regularly added as they become available!

For many faculty, there may be anxiety and frustration during this abrupt transition to distance learning. The PLUTO team and PLU’s online/blended faculty colleagues are wonderful resources to utilize. We are happy to help brainstorm with you as you explore new ways to teach your course at a distance.

PLU faculty, staff, and students have access to Google Hangouts Meet, a video calling and conferencing software. This software can be used to conduct virtual meetings or live-stream class sessions. Instructors can record meetings, save them to Google Drive, and share recording links.

Faculty who need more interactivity during virtual meetings can request a license for Zoom PRO, which provides access to a digital whiteboard, polling, breakout discussion groups, and more.

Instructors may wish to communicate asynchronously with students by recording instructional content or other communications as videos that can be shared in an email and/or posted online. PLU staff and faculty can download Screencast-O-Matic PRO software to create screencast recordings on their home or campus computer. Explore the resources below to learn more about this strategy.

When faculty or students cannot participate in face-to-face class sessions, online lessons provide a platform to deliver content, collect assignments, and conduct assessments. Sakai provides a variety of tools for creating online lessons in a secure environment. Explore the resources below to learn more about this strategy.

An abundance of online programs are available to support teaching online – but more options are not always better. The PLUTO team generally recommends that faculty focus on using Sakai and Google Apps for developing online lessons to reduce the need for students to learn several different platforms and applications. Faculty should consider whether the benefits of a particular technology outweigh the time and effort for students (and faculty) to manage yet another learning tool.

Faculty colleagues who wish to share distance learning resources with the PLU community can send them to and we will post them below. Additionally, we have added two resources below from PLUTO faculty. The first is a playlist of videos in which Amanda Sweger describes strategies she uses to setup her distance learning courses. The second is a Q&A with Greg Youtz where he discusses his transition to distance teaching.

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