Diversity Statement DRAFT

Diversity is “the condition of difference necessary to all life and creativity.” – Martusewicz, Edmundson, and Lupinacci, 2011

As an institution of higher education, Pacific Lutheran University aspires to be open and affirming to multiple ways of knowing and learning in order to cultivate an environment that is intellectually and culturally inclusive. Further, as a Lutheran institution, PLU is guided by the elements of Lutheran higher education, including–but not limited to–critical questioning, freedom for expression and protection of learning, the intrinsic value of the whole creation, and service to the advancement of life, health, and wholeness.

Thus, Pacific Lutheran University embraces diversity as
central to living out our mission to educate students for lives of thoughtful inquiry, service, leadership and care—for other people, for their communities and for the Earth.
intrinsic to the vitality of all life, creativity, vision, and innovation.
essential for resilience and growth because of the interdependency and interconnectedness of the world and its inhabitants.
necessary to the cultivation of a broadened understanding of each other and the social, environmental, and global communities we inhabit.
• an inherent part of our community to be acknowledged, celebrated, and respected.

Accordingly, we must
reimagine and co-create diversity models and practices in community to ensure that we are moving forward in actualizing an authentically inclusive environment where all members of the PLU community can learn, live, work, and–most importantly–thrive.
act upon the fact that–while diversity and inclusion efforts must address the racial and ethnic identities of our students, faculty, and staff–they need to also account for all differences born out of power and oppression.
be responsive to the intersections of these differences as location, positionality, and context impact how power is experienced.

Martusewicz, R.A., Edmundson, J. & Lupinacci, J.(2011). Ecojustice Education: Toward Diverse, Democratic, and Sustainable Communities. London: Routledge.