• May 17, 2018

Presidential Profile

Presidential Profile

Presidential Profile 150 150 Presidential Search

TO: To PLU Community
FROM: PLU Presidential Search Committee

Dear Campus Constituencies,

We are pleased to be sending you the official Presidential Profile which was officially approved by the Board of Regents at their May meeting and has been formatted by our outstanding PLU Marketing and Communications team.

The profile reflects what the Search Committee and Consultants heard from our open forums and stakeholder meetings. It is necessarily broad in its description and is a result of collaboration among committee members and a synthesis of university documents. Both the process and the profile reflect the tensions that we experience on campus and serve as a reminder of how our mission calls us to engage in dialogue across a variety of perspectives. Each person reading it will likely have a different opinion about what may be highlighted too strongly, not emphasized enough or missing altogether.

You will see the core elements that make up PLU and our expectations for who our new president will be, but it can’t include everything. It is meant as a recruiting tool–to provide enough information to potential candidates to help them see the possibilities in this amazing place, but it is only a starting point. The real recruitment happens through the work of Paul Chou, our search consultant, and his colleagues who will talk personally to people in their extensive networks about the opportunity here at PLU and invite them to explore us further. Ultimately, it will be the thoughtful and engaged people who make up this caring community and our dedication to this important work that we do that will convince the right person to call PLU their new home.

This will be our last update as we head into summer months. As always, you are welcome to contact us with questions or concerns.

Susan Caulkins, scaulkins@dpearson.com
Michelle Ceynar, ceynarml@plu.edu

Presidential Search Committee, pressrch@plu.edu