• December 17, 2018

Presidential Search Update

Presidential Search Update

Presidential Search Update 150 150 Presidential Search

TO: The PLU Community
FR: Susan Caulkins and Michelle Ceynar, Co-Chairs of the PLU Presidential Search Committee
RE: Report on the Search Process

Dear Campus Constituencies:

As we are heading into the holiday season, we wanted to provide you with an update from the Presidential Search Committee.

As we mentioned in our last communication, Korn Ferry, our search consultant team, was working quietly in the market over the summer and more intentionally since September to find applicants for the position. Using their networks and a generous list of nominations from the campus community, they have been talking with candidates to build a strong, diverse pool of applicants.

The Committee met last week to review the applicants and has selected semi-finalists to meet for in-person interviews at an off-campus site in January. Following those interviews, we will select 3-4 candidates to bring to campus.

We plan to have our finalists on campus for 2-day interviews February 11-28, 2019. Those interviews will include open forum opportunities. The exact dates for the visits will be announced as soon as we can arrange them, but will depend on the candidates’ availability. Because this is a confidential search process, we will not be releasing the names of the candidates until the day before their visit. We hope you will be able to participate and share your thoughts with the Committee following the interviews.

As a reminder, members of the Search Committee cannot share detailed information about candidates, including the size of the pool, its diversity or verify whether a particular person has applied. This process is necessarily confidential to protect candidates who may not be sharing that they are applying for positions with their current institutions.

Please feel free to direct comments and concerns to the Presidential Search Committee through the co-chairs:

Susan Caulkins: scaulkins@dpearson.com
Michelle Ceynar: ceynarml@plu.edu