FAQ's - Faculty Advisory Committee and Rank and Tenure

What changes have been made to the system since the pilot in Summer, 2016?


In terms of process: The Provost Office has set up a timeline based on faculty input, so that both students and instructors will have advance notice of what is happening and when. Instructors and students will get email notification a week in advance of the system launch. Instructors will also get a reminder 48 hours in advance. With this advanced notice, instructors will be able to discuss the process with students and make arrangements before the feedback forms are available to students.

Since summer, the Provost Office has been compiling resources for instructors. There are separate resources for students, instructors, and administrators. Instructor resources are available at:


The Rank and Tenure and Faculty Affairs Committees have partnered to create this FAQ sheet, as well as a list of Best Practices for Obtaining Course Feedback.). There will be a transition period as we all get used to this new system and form, and instructors may notice changes in the response rate and/or comments that students provide.

In terms of results:  For summer 2016 classes, higher ratings were assigned lower rates (i.e., on the question, “This instructor challenged me to learn,” a rating of “strongly agree” received a weight of 1 and rating of “strongly disagree” received a rating of 5). EvaluationKIT calculated an average score, and instructors who taught in summer may have been alarmed to see that they had very low mean ratings. This is good! It meant that students rated them positively on the scale.

Starting Fall 2016, the weightings will be changed, so that they will be more logical and less confusing. Higher/more positive ratings will receive higher weightings, so when you look at mean ratings (if this is the sort of thing you do), higher means will be more positive/stronger rates (i.e., on the question, “This instructor challenged me to learn,” a rating of “strongly agree” received a weight of 5 and rating of “strongly disagree” received a rating of 1).

Who else will have access to my course results?

Approximately two weeks after the evaluation period ends, Instructors will receive a “Results Notification Email” letting them know that feedback results are available for review. The link provided in this communication will give them access to their Instructor Dashboard and their reports. Instructors may also access this information from the Faculty – Instructor Perspective page on the Provost Office Course Evaluations webpage:


Feedback will be available to Instructors and Deans/Chairs after the deadline for submitting final grades for a given semester.

If you do not receive your notification email, please log into EvaluationKIT for your results.  If you are having trouble accessing EvaluationKIT, please email provost@plu.edu the next business day after the results have been released.

Who is responsible for retaining a copy of my results?

Per the Faculty Handbook, “Instructors shall keep the teaching and course feedback data and summary reports for five years” (Part VII. Other Policies, Section 3. Instructional Responsibilities and Course Procedures, G.3.c).

At minimum, instructors should retain the PDF quantitative summary + student comments version of their course results for their files.

Electronic backups are strongly recommended (paper copies optional).

What documentation is retained in my permanent file (maintained by the Office of the Provost)?

The Office of the Provost will maintain an electronic copy of the pdf and comments for all faculty.

I am preparing my tenure/promotion file. What should I do with my new EvaluationKIT results?

Candidates are required to submit five years of teaching and course feedback as part of their tenure/promotion file.

The committee will accept hard copies until we have transitioned to electronic files for tenure and promotion applications (stay tuned). During the transition period, the committee will accept electronic files, hard copies or a mix of both. For EvaluationKIT results, the committee will want the PDF + comments, at minimum.

What if my response rate is different with this new course feedback system? What if my instructor and course ratings are different from previous evaluations?

We expect that with this new teaching and course feedback instrument and a new method of data collection that there could be variation in your response rates and/or your results.

The goal of this new course feedback system is to encourage a new culture about teaching and course feedback.  The committee expects candidates to respond thoughtfully to their teaching and course feedback in their tenure or promotion self-assessment statement, identifying how the feedback informed their teaching.

While we understand that there may be variation in response rates and ratings during this transition, we strongly encourage instructors to adopt recommended best practices to support full implementation of the EvaluationKIT system.