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Faculty Newsletter Form

Office of the Provost Faculty Newsletter Contribution

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Do you have a contribution for our faculty newsletter?
Have an accolade, event, lecture, opportunity or announcement you would like to share with faculty through the Office of the Provost faculty newsletter? Please complete the form for consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Jen Hasson (hassonja@plu.edu). You will be notified if your contribution is selected for inclusion in a future newsletter. Please note that this newsletter is distributed to faculty only and will not reach most staff, students, alumni or other parts of the campus community. Thank you!

*Please let us know who the Provost Office should contact if we have questions about your submission.

Have a lecture or event to share?
Please complete this section if you are submitting a lecture or event. For other contributions, please scroll down to the next section.

*If available, please provide the event website/webpage associated with this event.
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*If available, please add a flyer and/or photo associated with your event in PDF and/or JPEG format.
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Have exciting news to share?
Please complete this section for announcements, accolades, faculty opportunities or to highlight faculty/student research. Have something that doesn't fit this form? Contact Jen Hasson (hassonja@plu.edu).

*Give us a teaser. Briefly highlight the most important details of your news. For additional information and details you can provide a website, memo, flyer or other document below that the teaser will link to.

*Please provide name, email and phone number for the person/department that should be contacted for additional information if it differs from the required contact information at the top of this form. This information will be posted.

*Would you like us to link to a website/webpage, article, blog or other? Please include link(s).
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*Please upload flyers, memos, pictures or other important documents to share in PDF and/or JPEG format. Where appropriate, we'll include a photo or link to your flyer, memo, document, etc..
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