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This page is meant to act as a reference for biking around Parkland and the Tacoma area. It offers maps with various locations such as parks, recreation sites, beaches, bike paths, grocery stores, and museums. Though bike infrastructure in the Tacoma area is not highly developed, it is possible and safe to bike to the majority of locations. These interactive maps attempt to show the fastest and safest way to bike to their locations. The Bike Co-op is constantly working to improve these routes and all input is welcome! Feel free to email us at Bikecoop@plu.edu with any suggestions or questions.

Interactive Maps made by the Bike Co-op

This interactive map offers 2 lakes, a boat rental, a forest, a mountaineering/bouldering rock, recreation center, play fields, and a blueberry park all within 4 miles of PLU!


This map offers directions to at least 3 beaches, 2 marinas, 2 boat rentals, 3 lakes, and 9 parks. Most of the routes start the same by heading into Tacoma along Park Ave as it is a bike share road, and is very straight and flat compared to other ways into Tacoma.


This map offers a variety of grocery stores ranging from high end to discount grocers. All are .5 mile to 10.5 mile away.


This map offers routes to Tacoma’s most popular museums, including the Tacoma Art Museum and Museum of Glass, and also some smaller local museums.


General Maps

Map of Bike Parking in Downtown Tacoma from www.downtownonthego.com.


Pierce County has 13 different bike maps detailing bike paths in 13 different sections of the county.


The Department of Transportation for Washington has 9 different bike maps each detailing a different section of Washington.