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Theft Prevention and Stolen Bike Recovery

5 Steps for Theft Prevention and Bike

Register your bike with Campus Safety and take a photo of it.

  1. This will compile all of your bike’s information and can be referenced if your bike is stolen.
  2. It is also required for all bikes left overnight to be registered with Campus Safety or the lock will be cut and taken to Campus Safety before being handed over to the Bike Co-op.
  3. Information on registering your bike with Campus Safety can be found here.
  4. Having a photo of your bicycle is extremely useful if you have to describe your bicycle to the authorities and spread the word about a theft.

Use a Quality Lock

  1. Use a U-Lock not a cable lock
  2. If you need help choosing a lock check out http://thebestbikelock.com/best-u-lock/

Know where to Lock up and Store your Bicycle.

  1. Most bikes at PLU are stolen when they are left outside overnight.
  2. Check where your residence hall has a Bike Room.
  3. In general:
    1. Lock your bike to a solid, metal object (not a chain link fence, tree, or wooden railing).
    2. Use a bike rack. If none are available then permanent metal poles or parking meters work, if they have a top that your bike and lock and just not be lifted over, and bolts that can not be easily removed.
    3. Shake the bike rack, pole, or parking meter to ensure that it is secured to the ground.

Know how to properly lock your bike

A detailed guide can be found here.

(image from sfbike.org)

(image from sfbike.org)

Your Bike was stolen anyway

  1. Report it to Campus Safety
  2. File a police report, file in person 1-2 day process phone/online up to 10days
  3. Look at local pawn shops or flea markets
  4. Scan craigslist or ebay
  5. Spread work to friends and social media
  6. If bike is found do not confront, ask police for assistance and bring photo of bike as proof of ownership to reclaim property