Office Of The Registrar

Applying for Graduation

All students, graduate and undergraduate, must apply for graduation via Banner Self-Service (Banner Web). Students login to Banner, select ‘Student Services’, select ‘Student Record’ and click ‘Apply to Graduate’.


For further details about commencement, please visit our commencement website.

Degree DateApplication DeadlineCommencement Ceremony
December 2014October 1, 2014Spring 2015
January 2015December 1, 2014Spring 2015
May 2015March 2, 2015Spring 2015
August 2015June 1, 2015Spring 2016

Evaluating Degree Completion Status

Students are able to evaluate their degree completion status at anytime by reviewing their CAPP report via their BannerWeb account.  Using the ‘Generate New Report’ feature, students and advisors can run a new CAPP report that will show the students most current information with regards to registration and where the student is in terms addressing degree requirements.  The CAPP report is the official record that the Registrar’s Office uses to evaluate and award degrees.  If a student feels that a requirement is inaccurately showing ‘not met’ it is their responsibility to seek clarification from their advisor, department chair and/or Registrar’s Office.  ‘Not met’ requirements will prevent a degree from being awarded.

Commencement Participation

Effective the 2014-2015 academic year, PLU has one commencement ceremony.  This ceremony is held at the end of the Spring term.  Students must have completed their degree in the previous August, December or January or be enrolled in their final classes in the Spring term to participate.  Students intending to complete their degree the August following the Spring ceremony may petition the Office of the Provost to participate in the Spring ceremony. Participation in a commencement ceremony and/or inclusion of a student’s name in the commencement bulletin does not indicate that a degree will be awarded.

For information specific to the May 2015 Commencement Ceremony click here.

Graduation and Commencement Communications

All graduation and commencement information is sent to students’ PLU E-mail.  Students are responsible for all information sent to their PLU E-mail and should see Information Services immediately if they experience any difficulty with their PLU E-mail account.  In addition to e-mail communication, commencement information is made available at

Graduation Honors

Undergraduate degrees with honors of cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude are granted. A student must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.50-3.74 for cum laude, 3.75-3.89 for magna cum laude, and 3.90-4.00 for summa cum laude.  Graduation honors are determined by the cumulative grade point average of all PLU coursework (defined as courses taught by PLU faculty for PLU). Students must complete a minimum of 64 semester hours at PLU to be eligible for graduation honors. Study Away courses at a PLU-approved program count towards the 64-hour minimum, but do not count towards graduation honors unless the courses are taught by PLU faculty. Term honors will be determined on the same basis as graduation honors.

Deadline to Complete Degree Requirements

Candidates for graduation/degree completion must complete ALL requirements by the stated deadline to receive a degree.  Candidates who fail to complete their degree requirements by the deadline are not awarded a degree and are notified in writing.  No degree can be awarded unless all requirements are met and all final grades are submitted by the deadline, this includes final grades for I (incomplete) and IP (in-progress) courses.

Degree DateRequirement Deadline
January 2015February 3, 2015
May 2015June 1, 2015
August 2015 (Undergraduate)August 7, 2015
August 2015 (Graduate)August 21, 2015
December 2015January 4, 2016


Diplomas are mailed out approximately 3-6 weeks after the end of the term.  Diplomas are mailed First Class to the candidates Permanent Address as listed in Banner Web.  Candidates are responsible for keeping this address up-to-date; changes can be made by contacting the Student Services Center or online via BannerWeb.  Should a diploma be undeliverable due to an incorrect address, the candidate must order and pay for a duplicate, use the Duplicate Diploma Order Form to do so.