Hebrew Idol

Religion professor Antonios Finitsis teaches an introductory course on the Hebrew Bible. One of his course objectives is to get students to reflect on the contemporary relevance and significance of the biblical material. Towards the end of the semester, Dr. Finitsis asks his students to apply their knowledge and create a short movie that demonstrates what it is they have learned.

The movie project is therefore a culmination of learning in his class, as students are called to put forward their own opinions on the relevance and significance of a particular biblical passage. Students at PLU have produced some enjoyable and thought provoking short movies.

Event Details:

PLU Hebrew Idol

PLU’s Favorite Student Film Competition is Back:
PLU Hebrew Idol 2019! 
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Hard work and academic achievement ought to be recognized and rewarded. The PLU Hebrew Idol competition is conceived as the forum through which the broader university community selects and rewards the best of these video productions.

PLU Hebrew Idol has been evolving and expanding since its debut academic year 2007-2008. Similarly it has been generating increasingly greater student participation and interest. The quality of competing videos has been steadily improving and has grown to be a flagship event for our campus.