Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Options

There are five options in terms of presentation format, each with its own submission protocol:

1. Oral Presentation in Classroom (delivered by paper or PowerPoint)
2. Poster Presentation Session (text and graphics on a 36″ x 48″ poster board to present your research individually or in a group).
3. Film Presentation
4. Visual Arts Presentation (painting, photography, graphic design, ceramics, etc.,)
5. Performing Arts Presentation (music, dance and theatre – solo or group)
For groups, regardless of format, only one member will submit the abstract, providing information for the other co-authors/co-presenters in a single submission form.

Presentation Format

Presentations should be made in the most appropriate format for a student’s topic: either with a poster, oral classroom presentation, or through a live performance/visual arts exhibition. All sessions are moderated by faculty and strict time limits will apply.

Lexi Jason '17, speaking during the Powell-Heller Holocaust Conference at PLU, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016. (Photo: John Froschauer/PLU)

Poster presentations are prepared in advance and brought to the Symposium on the day of the event.

Poster dimensions must be 36″x 48″ and should be readable from three feet away. The presentation title must be a minimum of two inches high. Name(s) of the student presenter(s) and faculty mentor(s) should appear beneath the title and be a minimum of one inch high.

Posters are displayed on provided easels or tables. Student presenters should be prepared to discuss their project and to answer questions during their assigned session.

Oral presentations are 10-12 minutes in length with an additional 3-5 minutes allotted for questions from attendees. Students will have the option to use visual aides, such as PowerPoint, during their presentation.

Performing artists follow the format for oral presentations, with each performance 10-12 minutes (including oral explanation of the work presented), and an additional 2-3 minutes allotted for questions from attendees. All performances must be accompanied by an oral explanation of the work presented and may be performed either solo or as part of a small ensemble.

Visual artists may display their work on provided tables or easels. Films will be screened in a designated room. Artists should be prepared to discuss their work and be available to answer questions during their assigned session.