Check-In: 8:00 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

Presenter and Faculty Moderator check-in opens at 8:00 a.m. and remains open through 1:15 p.m
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Oral Session I: 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Identity in Global Contexts

Faculty Moderator:
Nancy Simpson-Younger, English

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
9:00-9:20Riley DolanCarmiña Palerm
Hispanic Studies
Analyzing and Documenting Guatemala's Civil War MonumentsThis project is focused on the monuments constructed following Guatemala’s civil war and is two-part: Dr. Palerm and I are creating a digital map in order to make viewing of Guatemala’s monuments accessible worldwide, and we are theoretically analyzing how these monuments portray the conflict and why.
9:20-9:40Aminda Cheney-IrgensBridgette O'Brien
A Privileged Response To A Global Issue: The United States Rejection Of The Paris Agreement Using Willis Jenkins' models of economic, political, and ecological sustainability, the tendency of the United States government to prioritize economic concerns can be illustrated within the context of the Paris Agreement, emphasizing the need to expand this lens to include environmental care.
9:40-10:00Richard FrohockNancy Simpson-Younger
Individuality versus State: An Examination of Identity in Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange & The Wanting SeedIn this essay, I analyzed two novels by Anthony Burgess in order to gain a better understanding of the role that identity plays within dystopian societies. Through this analysis, I was able to determine that, due to its uncontrollable nature, identity can be a powerful tool of rebellion.
10:00-10:20Tegan MitchellJenny James
Living Out of Bounds: The Queered Crucifixion of Matthew, The Good ShepherdMatthew Shepard, particularly through his death, is often likened to Jesus. Moises Kaufman’s The Laramie Project envokes a juxtaposition between the Jesus manifested by the western conformist Christian church and the Jesus who actually lived, who was queer-allied and nonconformist. This piece explores how Matthew Shepard mirrors the latter.

Improvements in Science and Health

Faculty Moderator:
Harry Papadopoulos, Kinesiology

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
9:00-9:20Emily Ness & Gabrielle KammJustin Lytle
Decorating Carbon Electrodes with Gold Nanoparticles to Study the Kinetics of Redox ReactionsGold nanoparticles allow carbon electrodes to store more energy and recharge and discharge more quickly.
9:20-9:40Sean MurphyGregory Youtz
The Impact and Implications of the Use of Pitch Correction Programs in the Music IndustryThis project investigates how pitch correction programs and technologies have impacted the music industry, and what implications its use will cause for the future of the music industry.
9:40-10:00Melody Elam & Emily StoenHarry Papadopoulos
Effect of Age on Balance After FatigueThe aim of this study was to determine if age influenced balance after lower body fatigue. Balance of eight participants was measured three times: before, between, and after two 30-second Wingate tests. Age had no effect on balance between the age ranges of 19-23 compared to 28-32.
10:00-10:20Toriana VigilAndrea Munro
Improving Luminescent Solar Concentrator Efficiency Using Doped Nanocrystals and Ligand ExchangeThis research focuses on synthesizing novel dyes for luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs), an innovative solar technology. Nanocrystal quantum dots are a promising dye for LSCs because they have the potential for increasing efficiency and decreasing re-absorption losses.

From a Child's Perspective

Faculty Moderator:
Marianne Taylor, Psychology

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
9:00-9:20Madeline Marello & Samantha SimundsonMarianne Taylor & Heidi McLaughlin
Children's biological and expertise-based explanations regarding trust in others' testimony about food safetyResearch in developmental psychology has looked at how children trust testimonies that are accurate and from expert informants. We investigated children’s preferences for domain-specific expertise testimony concerning food contamination. Our results demonstrates that children as young as five-years-old are able to understand contamination concepts, but can also rely on expertise.
9:20-9:40Courtney OlsenBeth Griech-Polelle
Stolen Children: Abduction, "Germanization", and Adoption of Children from Nazi-Occupied Eastern Europe This project investigates the abduction of hundreds of thousands of "racially valuable" children from the eastern occupied territories of the Nazi Regime.
9:40-10:00Trisha GloverMarianne Taylor & Heidi McLaughlin
Influences of Informants’ Age and Expertise: Trust of Testimony by Adults Regarding Food ContaminationPrevious work examined children’s trust in testimony from various experts, regarding the contamination of food with a known object, allowing children to use prior knowledge to determine if something is safe to consume. Current work investigates children’s and adult’s trust in testimony when the identity of a contaminant is unknown.
10:00-10:20Jana-Alicia SchmidtKirsten Christensen
Children’s Literature on the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Disrupted Attachment in "Akim rennt"The children's book “Akim rennt” depicts refugee trauma using vivid illustrations and text. The focus of this project is to analyze the implications of the traumatic experiences of Akim, a young Syrian boy who is on the search for his family in the midst of the Syrian civil war.

Oral Session II: 10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

Imagery, Memory, and Performance

Faculty Moderator:
Charlie Katica, Kinesiology

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
10:45-11:05Faith Heimlich & Elizabeth ParkhurstColleen Hacker
Mental Skills Tool- Self TalkSelf talk can be an incredibly effective mental skill for athletes when they know how to use it effectively. This video was created to be a mental skills tool for all athletes and coaches by explaining self talk, how it can be used, and why it is beneficial for performance.
11:05-11:25Athena GordonWendy Call
“album”: A Braided MemoirThroughout the memoir titled “album,” I meditate on several salient moments during my childhood and the emotional tone of my memories. The piece’s structural form of multiple interwoven thematic braids exemplifies the tangled nature of memory and social relationships, highlighting convoluted human experiences.
11:25-11:45Kaitlin GardinerNancy Simpson-Younger
Macbeth’s Inability to Perceive and Expel Evil and the Functioning of the EyeMacbeth draws influence from Galenic emission theory. These state that witnessing evil inhibits one’s ability to perceive it. Because Macbeth actively pursues evil, he’s lost his kingly ability, defined by the Bible, to dispel evil with his gaze. Thus, Macbeth isn’t divinely mandated to rule, allowing him to be dethroned.
11:45-12:05Sarah StaffordCharlie Katica
Impact Of Static Versus Dynamic Stretching On Power Output In Recreational Wheelchair Basketball PlayersThe purpose of this project was to investigate the possible impact of a static or dynamic stretching warm-up on peak power output in recreational wheelchair basketball players. There were no significant differences seen in power output but there was a significant difference in participants' RPE scores between dynamic and static.

Perspectives on Health and Wellness

Faculty Moderator:
Karen Travis, Economics 

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
10:45-11:05Xinhui (Sunny) HuangTina Saxowsky
Elucidating the Role of Transcription in Adaptive Mutagenesis with rad26KO Cell Lines of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeThe main purpose of this undergraduate research is on DNA damage and repair. DNA damage as a result of environmental stress can potentially lead to mutations in the cell. We hypothesize that the process of transcription potentially plays a role in initiating the process of adaptive mutations.
11:05-11:25Eldon SorensenBrian J. Smith
University of Iowa
The Impact of Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease on Survival in Bone Marrow Transplant PatientsMy project was researching Graft vs. Host Disease (GvHD) in bone marrow transplant patients. From data received from the University of Iowa Hospitals, we employed survival analysis methods to understand the impact of GvHD on survival in patients and the impact of certain stem cell treatments on patient outlook.
11:25-11:45Joel EarlywineKaren Travis
The Relationship Between Opioid Prescriptions and the Opioid Epidemic: Insight from California CountiesRecently we've seen a transition of opiate abuse shift from prescription drugs to illicit drugs. I used econometric methods, such as fixed effects and negative binomial regressions, to look at the tie between opioid prescriptions and the opioid epidemic in order to evaluate whether prescriptions are still fueling this epidemic.
11:45-12:05Blakely SandersHarry Papadopoulos
The Acute Effect Of An Exercise Class On Sensory-Deprived Static Balance In Older AdultsThe purpose of this project was to determine the acute effect of the SAIL exercise class on center of pressure and static balance in older adults. The results showed no significant difference in balance after one bout of a SAIL class in older adults.

Break: 12:15 – 12:45 p.m.

Poster Session: 12:45-1:30 p.m.

Poster #Student Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleBrief Description
1Courtney Hartman & Miranda MartensShannon Seidel
Another Look at What Instructors Say: Analyzing Emergent Categories of Non-Content Instructor Talk in an Introductory Biology CourseOur research aims to investigate Instructor Talk, or any language used by professors that is non-content related, used in higher-education biology courses. Our team has developed a rubric of Instructor Talk that can be used as a resource to categorize professor's language and to help them better their student's learning.
2Jessica JohnsonHeidi McLaughlin & Marianne Taylor
Children and Adults Rely on Prior Knowledge and Informant Accuracy when Evaluating Testimony About ContaminationThe present study observes the development of food contamination knowledge in children ages 4 through 12 comparatively to an adult sample. Conflicting testimonies of food safety allude to participant's trust of domain-specific experts and neutral informants compared with their own prior knowledge.
3Rebecca CrustChris Smart
Cornell University
Exploration of Diversity in Melampsora Willow Rust Populations in Northeastern AmericaThis was a scientific research study in which we preformed DNA extractions and sequencing on willow rust spores to determine field diversity of the pathogen. Shrub willow is grown as a bio-fuel crop in New York and leaf rust is a fungal disease that decreases yield in severe infections.
4Katherine EnyeartVanessa Tucker
The Effect of Noncontingent Reinforcement (NCR) used for Treatment of Problem BehaviorsThis study analyzes the pre-existing research of using Noncontingent Reinforcement in different educational settings. The research found NCR to be a useful treatment for decreasing the occurrence of problem behaviors. This was a literature review for a PLU special education class assignment focusing on students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and evidence-based practices.
5Jennifer DelegardJon Freeman & Neal Yakelis
Synthesis of a cavitand for use in eight-helix template assembled synthetic protein systemsThe synthesis of a methylene bridged cavitand with functionalized bromobenzene feet is described. This cavitand can be thiolated to yield a thiophenol footed cavitand. These octathiol cavitands can then be coupled to peptides to generate template assembled synthetic proteins for use in protein design and protein folding studies.
6David RedmanHeidi McLaughlin
Replication of--A Bad Taste in the Mouth: Gustatory Disgust Influences Moral Judgment (Eskine, K. J., Kacinik, N. A., & Prinz, J. J. (2011).)This is a replication study of how taste affects moral judgement with an added Islamoprejudice measure. The first purpose is to solidify or refute prior findings. The secondary purpose with the added measure is intended to measure Islamoprejudice within a given population.
7Jenise CavnessAndrea Munro
Improving Luminescent Solar Concentrator Efficiency Using Doped Nanocrystals and Ligand ExchangeLuminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) are a promising technology for collecting sunlight and producing concentrated light for photovoltaic solar cells or photocatalysis. We are examining improvements in LSC efficiency by using elongated Mn-doped ZnSe/ZnS nanocrystals and performing an exchange of native ligands with novel methacrylate ligands.

Oral Session III: 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Understanding Community Spaces

Faculty Moderator:
Peter Grosvenor, Sociology and Global Studies

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
1:30-1:50Emma LoestJenny James
Paris Nights: Queering Time and Space in Giovanni's RoomThis paper looks at how characters in Giovanni’s Room subvert normative definitions of space and time and create for themselves a queer reality that is disengaged from hetero-capitalist society. Although expatriation is a central element in this novel, the redefinition of time and space drives the novel's queer plot.
1:50-2:10Michael DiambriBeth Kraig
Queer Spaces, Gay Places: Gay Bars and Seattle’s LGBT Community in the 1970sI completed this project on the history of lesbian and gay bars in Seattle during the 1970s during my time as a Benson Fellow in Business and Economic History. My presentation will cover three stories of queer space and sociality which enabled the development of Seattle's LGBT culture and community.
2:10-2:30Alex LundRebekah Mergenthal
“’To salvage something of the Scobey line!’: Grain Elevators and Community in Northeastern Montana, 1917-2017”2017 summer research completed in association with the PLU Benson Fellowship in economic history. Worked under the mentor-ship of Professor Mergenthal. Allowed me the opportunity to preform a historical case study of a topic that is close to me and my family.
2:30-2:50Susan SchowalterPeter Grosvenor
Sociology & Global Studies
Television’s Lasting Impact: A Case Study of Marshall McLuhan’s Theory of the Global Village in the 1960sThis is a case study of Marshall McLuhan’s theory of the global village and its ability to accurately describe the influence of television on the events of the 1960s, as well as a broad look at the role of media in the 1960s and today.

Marginalized Populations: Local and Global Perspectives

Faculty Moderator:
Scott Rogers, English

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
1:30-1:50Hilary VoScott Rogers
“the collective:” A Counterpublic Working to Increase Sense of Belonging for Students of Color at Pacific Lutheran UniversityThis research project discusses the student activist group, "the collective," as a counter-public, discourse community that advocates for increased sense of belonging for students of color on a predominantly white campus, specifically Pacific Lutheran University.
1:50-2:10Breanna WiersmaCarmina Palerm
Hispanic Studies
Life, Health, and Oppression in De Amor y de SombraWhile systemic oppression may be founded on authoritarianism and corruption, seemingly benevolent structures reinforce it. This work explores how hospitals implicitly uphold the dictatorship in Isabel Allende’s novel De Amor y de Sombra (Of Love and Shadows) by examining the use, misuse, and lack of use of systemic medical care.
2:10-2:30Maddie TitelbaumBradford Andrews & Akiko Nosaka
Female Participation in Community Forestry Practices, Kotra Block, RajasthanThis is an anthropological study of the factors that impacted the level of female participation in community forestry management in a tribal region of the semi-arid desert of Rajasthan, India. The results of this study suggest policy implications for the government and NGOs to further improve female leadership in forestry.
2:30-2:50Aminda Cheney-IrgensJames Albrecht
A State of Disgrace: An Ecofeminist Critique of the Interpretation of Women and Animals in Coetzee's Post-Apartheid South AfricaWhen reading the novel Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee about post-Apartheid South Africa, the intersection between female and animal oppression became glaringly obvious. I could not help but draw connections between the way women and animals are disrespected, and how their primarily male aggressors cannot seem to realize their crimes.

Effectiveness through Performance: Examples from Science and Community

Faculty Moderator:
Solveig Robinson, English

TimeStudent Presenter(s)Faculty Mentor(s)TitleDescription
1:30-1:50Olivia EgejuruTina Saxowsky
Investigating the effects of oxidative DNA damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae on survivability and mutagenesisMy research goal is to investigate oxidative stress in yeast cells and how it affects survivability and mutagenesis. I used UV-A and hydrogen peroxide as sources that leads to increased oxidative stress on yeast cell lines in particular dst1 knockout because studies show it is sensitive to oxidative stress.
1:50-2:10Kyle DruggeColleen Hacker
Mental Skills Techniques for Building Self-Confidence in GolfThis project is a media project that explains how to build self-confidence for high-performing golfers. It includes common misconceptions about self-confidence, definitions, and the process for building golf-specific self-confidence.
2:10-2:30Claire PahlmeyerKaren Travis & Lynn Hunnicutt
The Effect of a Trade School Education on Lifetime EarningsFour-year university degrees have often been touted as a go-to path after high school, but alternatives exist that may better serve certain students. In this study I explore the lifetime earnings differences between students with different post-high school education levels.
2:30-2:50Hannah SoltisSolveig Robinson
An Open Book?: University Libraries and their Roles in SocietyAlthough a fundamental purpose of libraries is to disperse knowledge, many university libraries have inbuilt privilege that precludes this. Through their policies and stated missions, the Bodleian Libraries, the Biblioteca Central at UNAM, and the Suzzallo Libraries demonstrate whether and how they are working toward inclusivity in their local communities.