How to Participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium:

To apply for the Dr. Rae Linda Brown Undergraduate Research Symposium, an abstract/ artistic statement must be submitted online by the student. The submission deadline is Friday, April 3, 2020 (11:59 pm) with an Early Submission Opportunity* for submissions received by Friday, February 14, 2020 (11:59 pm).
*The Early Submission Opportunity provides a chance for students to revise and resubmit their abstract/ artistic statement prior to the final submission deadline, and pending approved revisions, guarantees acceptance to the symposium.

*For students presenting one abstract as a group, only one Abstract/ Artistic Statement Submission Form is required, but ALL participating students need to be listed accordingly.

Faculty mentors must carefully review and approve all abstracts/artistic statements prior to submission by the student. Faculty mentors will be asked to verify student submissions after the abstract/artistic statement submission form is submitted by the student. The faculty verification process is automated and does not require action from the student. Faculty mentors will receive verification instructions once the student has submitted their form and should reply by 9:00 am on April 10 (February 21 for Early Submission Opportunity).

For Film, Visual Arts, or Performing Arts, written abstracts/artistic statements should be accompanied by a three minute excerpt video or digital images to be uploaded within the online submission form.

How long must the abstract/artistic statement be?
Abstracts/artistic statements submitted for the Undergraduate Research Symposium must adhere to a strict guideline of one paragraph, no longer than 250 words in length.

How do I get my abstract/artistic statement selected?
Abstracts/ artistic statements and application materials will be reviewed by a faculty panel that will recommend students based on the quality of their submission.

Will my abstract/ artistic statements be published?
Well written abstracts/ artistic statements, containing all required components, that adhere to the general guidelines for a given discipline will be considered for publication on the Undergraduate Research Symposium website.

Please note: Abstracts/artistic statements cannot be revised after submission; the Office of the Provost will not have the ability to edit or correct submitted materials. Please carefully proofread and spell-check all materials and author names.

Once your submission has been received:
• Students will receive email confirmation that the abstract/artistic statement submission form was completed and sent to the listed faculty sponsor for verification. Once faculty verification has been received by the Office of the Provost, you will receive another email confirmation that your submission has been verified.
• Shortly following the submission deadline, faculty committees will begin the review process. Student presenter(s) and their faculty mentor(s) will receive an email notification indicating whether their submission was accepted or denied no later than April 22, 2020. Students should respond as soon as possible if they no longer plan to participate in the symposium.
• Additional details including: schedule; specific presentation times and locations; set-up instructions; and other helpful information will be sent to accepted student presenters and their faculty mentors prior to the Symposium date.