Spring Closing 2023

Traditional Halls (all halls except South Hall) will formally close on FRIDAY, MAY 26TH AT 6:00PM.  At this time, all students are expected to move and check out of their residence halls.

Campus Life expects that students move out within 24 hours of completing their last final or commitment on campus. Students should complete the following list of instructions in order to properly checkout of their residence hall without fines and fees:

  • Students check out of their hall by 6:00 pm on May 26th
  • All personal belongings are removed from the room 
  • All university issued furniture is accounted for and in the room
  • Beds are in “Move-in” Formation
  • The room has been properly cleaned, including: floors are swept, surfaces are wiped down, garbage cans and recycle bins are clean
    • Vacuums and brooms are available at hall front desks during operating hours or by contacting the RA on duty during duty hours. 
  • Students have properly checked out with an RA or via Express Checkout

Below is an overview of Campus Life’s expectations for students moving out. You may also refer to the Checkout Guidelines listed on our website.

How do I check out from my hall?

In order to complete your move and check out from a residence hall, you must return your key* to your hall staff and have them complete a Checkout Confirmation for your room. 

First Year Students are required to complete a checkout in person with their RA. Students should contact their RA at least 24 hours prior to schedule a checkout appointment.

Non-first year students may either checkout in person with an RA or may complete an express checkout envelope** found at your hall’s front desk. 

*Students assigned to Stuen or Ordal halls do not receive physical keys upon move in. Unless you were given a key by Campus Life due to a faulty card reader, you do not need to turn your LuteCard into our office. 

What will an RA be checking for during a checkout?

Please refer to Campus Life’s Fines and Fees Structure for findings and damages an RA will look for during their checkout inspection, along with the corresponding fee associated with each finding. 

**Please note that students who opt for the Express Checkout Envelope method of checkout waive their right to rectify or dispute any finding of items, dirty surfaces, damages and/or discrepancies that the RA reports in the checkout confirmation and will be held to any fines and fees corresponding to those findings.

What if I check out after 6:00pm on May 26th?

Students who are not approved for Extended Stay and have not checked out by 6:00 pm on May 26th will be charged a $75 late checkout fee, along with an additional $25 charge for each hour after 6:00pm until checkout is complete. 

What is ‘Move-In Formation’?

Move-in formation specifically refers to the height student beds are lofted to. If you have either lofted your bed  on a single bed frame or checked out additional loft kit supplies to heighten your bed, you must (1) Return the loft kit you checked to the loft kit room in your building and/or (2) Return your bed to the lowest setting that the bed can be set. 

Instructions and information on lofting beds can be found here on our website. Ratchets needed for tooled beds in Harstad, Hinderlie, Kreidler, and Stuen Hall can be checked out at hall front desks during operating hours.

Can I store items in residence halls during summer?

Yes. PLU has student storage rooms available in all residence halls. Students should store their belongings in the hall they will be living in next academic year. Storage guidelines can be found on our website and outline items that students may and may not store in storage rooms. Any items that do not meet the storage guidelines will be refused or, if found during the summer, are subject to be removed and discarded by our staff. 

Can I bring my vehicle onto campus to move out?

Yes, students may bring their vehicle onto campus to load belongings with the following expectations:

  • Students should only bring their vehicle on campus when they are ready to begin loading all of their belongings 
    • Students should not be packing their belongings simultaneously to their vehicle being on campus
  • Students may not park on grass areas on campus 
    • Hinderlie residents may park directly outside the front of the building but may not park on the grassed area between the Hinderlie and KHP
  • Vehicles should not obstruct walking paths on campus 
  • Vehicles should not be parked on campus for more than 30-45 minutes
  • Vehicles should not be left unattended or unlocked while on campus
    • PLU is not responsible for damage or lost property