Express Check Out - South and Stuen

Prior to Check Out

  1. Remove all personal belongings from the room
  2. Return the room to its “Move In Formation” layout, including placement and height of bed
  3. Make sure all University issued furnishings are in room
  4. Thoroughly clean the room
    • Wash out garbage can and recycling bin
    • Brooms, vacuums, and mops are available to all students at the front desk of each hall (must provide a LuteCard or Driver’s License)
    • Wipe down all surfaces

After you are ready to leave your room

  1. Lock the room door
  2. Check mailbox one last time
  3. Get an “Express Check-Out Envelope” from the front desk of your hall
  4. Follow the instructions on the envelope
  5. Put all Residence Hall keys (room and mail) in the envelope
    • Please do not put your LuteCard into the envelope
  6. Sign and date the envelope, include your name and PLU ID number
  7. Seal the envelope and slide it under the door in the following location:
    • Staff Office (locations vary by Hall)

After students leave the hall, staff will go into the room and assess it for cleanliness, for damages to the room and furniture, to make sure all personal items have been removed, and that all issued University furnishings are in the room.