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Foss Hall – Closed

foss - Rainer

Foss Hall is Officially Closed

The wonderful history of Foss Hall will be celebrated before the building is actually gone from campus. Foss Hall was closed for good following the summer 2015 conference season and is targeted for complete demolition in June 2017. In the meantime, we welcome suggestions for ways to do this that would be meaningful. Email rlif@plu.edu and/or alumni@plu.edu with your thoughts.

Foss Hall is a located on a prime campus location and there are not yet concrete plans for the space after the building is be removed. Initially, a connection between Foss Field and the basketball and volleyball courts will be created. The long run may see new housing for upper division and graduate students but nothing is yet planned.

Foss has a long tradition as a strong and vibrant community. Many factors played in to the difficult decision to demolish it.


Foss Hall: Factors

The following factors were taken into consideration in making this decision:

Foss Hall:

  • was quickly constructed to accommodate an influx of students
  • has a cinder block construction that is similar to Pflueger Hall
  • has experienced significant facility concerns – including leaky pipes – that are very difficult and costly to repair, in part, due to the cinder block construction
  • repairs are prohibitive due to the high level of need and type of construction
  • has a floor plan that includes smaller rooms on very long, narrow hallways
  • became the least attractive living option among students over the past five years due largely to its facility concerns and layout

Foss Hall Reflection

A former Foss Hall resident reflects on the end of an era. Read one Foss resident's thoughts on the closing of his hall.


Foss Hall: future

Foss is currently being used as an “organ donor” building, improving the quality of other buildings for PLU students and of our community in the following ways:

  • Foss beds were moved to Ordal Hall, helping to keep the cost of that renovation low so that funds could be stretched further
  • The 60″ TV in Foss was relocated to the main lounge in Ordal Hall
  • Foss study tables, chairs and white boards were re-purposed in five different residence halls
  • An industrial fan, no longer needed in Foss, was used to repair a system at the swimming pool, saving budget and increasing the speed with which the repair was completed
  • Wireless routers have already found new homes across campus
  • Light bulbs, bathroom fixtures, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and access card readers will all be redeployed or removed as reserves
  • The security cameras from Foss have already been added to Harstad Hall and are up and running
  • Beds and other furniture that are not needed on campus, now or in the future, will be donated to a non-profit organization that assists individuals and families who may have been formerly homeless or the victim of a natural disaster or other tragedy