About Student Life

From left to right: Melissa Williams (Former Harstad Community Director), Laree Winer (Associate Director for Student Engagement & The Center for Vocation), & Joanna Royce-Davis (Vice President for Student Life)
From left to right: Jes Takla (Assistant Dean for Campus Life, Co-Curricular Learning, and Assessment) & Tom Huelsbeck (Associate Vice President for Campus Life)

Luke Ruiz, Former Community Director of South and Kreidler Halls: “Working at PLU these past couple of years has provided me with many opportunities to get involved with students, staff, and faculty on a range of topics. For example, I was part of the Wild Hope Staff Seminar and we spent the academic year diving into vocation. I’ve also been able to learn alongside students at the Student of Color Retreat, Queer workshops, and through other lectures hosted across campus.”

Student Life Mission:

The mission of the Division of Student Life is “to promote the holistic development of students and steward a dynamic campus community. We engage students in purposeful experiential learning that challenges them to make a difference in the world as they care for themselves and others, and positively impact the diverse communities in which they live.”

Student Life Vision:

As a Student Affairs Division of the first rank, we are innovative professionals who engage students in effective programs and services that encourage lives of meaning and purpose which transform communities and the world.