Campus Life Professional Staff

2017-18 Community Directors at Point Ruston in Tacoma, WA

The Campus Life team includes the following professional staff members:

Campus Life

  • Tom Huelsbeck, Associate Vice President for Campus Life
  • Jes Takla, Assistant Dean for Campus Life, Co-Curricular Learning, and Assessment
  • Rebecca Rumpza, Assistant Director for Campus Life

Residential Life

  • Jasen Nieves-Herrera, Assistant Director for Residential Operations
  • Dan Murray, Community Director for South & Pflueger Halls
  • Sharon Templeton, Community Director for Hong & Hinderlie Halls
  • Jess Cotton, Community Director for Harstad Hall & RHA Advisor
  • Dhaval Patel, Community Director for Stuen, Ordal, and Kreidler Halls
  • Zac Rakke, Community Director for Tingelstad Hall
  • Debbie Darms, Administrative Assistant/Residential Operations Assistant
  • Nik Clark, Graduate Assistant & Advisor for Upper Campus RHCs
  • Ivory Turner, Graduate Assistant & Advisor for Lower Campus RHCs

Student Engagement

Maggie Hendrickson, Former Community Director for Tingelstad Hall: “Working on our CD team is my favorite part of being a Community Director at PLU. We are a very collaborative and supportive department, and it has been great to develop friendships in addition to positive, professional relationships. I have especially valued our commitment to innovating our practices to be as inclusive and committed to our mission as possible.”