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About Student Life

Group photo with Tom Huelsbeck and Joanna Royce-Davis
Student Life - RHA

Student Life Mission:

The mission of the Division of Student Life is “to promote the holistic development of students and steward a dynamic campus community. We engage students in purposeful experiential learning that challenges them to make a difference in the world as they care for themselves and others, and positively impact the diverse communities in which they live.”

Student Life Vision:

As a Student Affairs Division of the first rank, we are innovative professionals who engage students in effective programs and services that encourage lives of meaning and purpose which transform communities and the world.

Student Life Tagline:

“Living the Learning”

Departments within the Student Life Division


Ángel González, Resident Director for Ordal and Stuen Halls: “It has been great working collaboratively with different campus partner as they provide me insight into their specific functional areas and help strengthen our student life team. We all work together to support our students in their development whether it be through Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL), Student Leadership Institute (SLI) or our Residential Life Institute (RLI).”

Tom and Jes in front of Student Life Welcome Sign

Tolu Taiwo, Resident Director for Hong and Hinderlie Halls: “PLU and Student Life do a great job encouraging partnerships between different departments. Even the way our offices are set up–Residential Life is next door to Student Life, Student Involvement and Leadership, and the Diversity Center–this proximity provides great opportunities for constant collaboration and conversation. We also work with other Student Life departments and academic units. This not only provides students with more holistic learning opportunities and engaging activities, but allows us to widen our professional interests.”