live on campus all four years

Application Process Overview

Incoming first year and transfer students can apply for housing online after their Enrollment Deposit has been paid. A link to the Living Plans and Learning Community Application will be provided in the Enrollment Deposit confirmation email. A housing assignment is dependent on the enrollment deposit being paid.

After your Living Plans and Learning Community Application is submitted:

  1. Residential Life Staff will review the application and compare to available space on campus, this may take one to two weeks
  2. An email will be sent to the students PLU email account including the Learning Community and Hall they are assigned to
  3. An email will be sent near the end of July with Roommate information
  4. Students will learn of their room assignment at move in day!

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Applying for the Academic Year:

Continuing students who wish to apply to live on-campus must submit a new Learning Community Application every academic year.

Application Timelines:

Fall 2021 Housing: Continuing students should apply anytime prior to February for their application to be considered with priority points.  Applications received after the deadlines for South Hall, Single Rooms and Traditional Halls will be process on a first-come first-serve basis.

J-Term and Spring 2021 Housing: Continuing students who did not have housing in the Fall will need to apply for housing prior to Mid-November for their application to be considered with priority points. Applications received after the deadline will processed on a first-come first-serve basis.

To apply to the Traditional Halls continuing students must submit a Learning Community Application learning community application.

To apply to South Hall and Single Rooms students who meet the eligibility requirements  must complete a Learning Community Application. If a student does not receive an apartment and they are required to live on campus, our office will use the same housing application toward finding a traditional hall.

It is highly encouraged that applicants list 5 different preferences in order for our staff to have the highest ability to serve requests.

South Hall Room student studying

Meeting the Residency Requirements

Pacific Lutheran University requires that all full-time (enrolled in 12 or more semester hours) students live in University housing unless:

a) The student lives at home with parent(s), spouse, or child within 25 driving miles of PLU’s address (This is the “Living At-Home Request”)

b) The student is 20 years of age or older on or before: September 1, – Student exempt for the academic year. February 1, – Student exempt for spring semester.

c) The student has achieved Junior status (completed 60 semester hours) prior to: September 1, – Student exempt for the academic year. February 1, – Student exempt for spring semester.

If students can meet either point b or point c they do not need to complete any additional documentations to pursue off-campus housing.

Requesting to Live At-Home

Students who request to Live At-Home will need to verify the required documentation and follow the steps outlined.

Fall Housing

Fall Housing is for students needing housing between the end of August and mid-December.  Select one of the previous two tabs for more information.

Extended Stay Housing and Winter Break Housing

Extended Stay Housing is for students needing to make a special request to stay extra night after the official close of either Fall or Spring Semester, this is a needs based request that supports students that cannot make arrangements to leave prior.

Winter Break Housing is for those students that need to stay on campus from the end of Fall to the start of J-Term.

Students are asked to apply between late October and December.

Information on Extended Stay Housing and Winter Break Housing

January Term and Spring Housing

January Term (J-Term Housing) is housing that students can elect to request if they are taking a J-Term class.

Spring Housing typically operates between February and the end of May.

Students who have Fall Housing will be able to keep their housing assignment and will not need to reapply for J-Term and Spring housing of the same year.

Students are able to apply for J-Term or Spring Housing between late October and early December

Information on J-Term and/or Spring Housing

Early Arrival Housing and Summer Housing

Early Arrival Housing takes place prior to the start of Fall Semester.  Students are requested to apply before the start of August.

Information on Early Arrival Housing

Summer Housing takes place between the end of Spring Semester and the beginning of Early Arrival Housing. Summer Housing is operated by Hospitality Services.

Information on Summer Housing