Department of Residential Life


Application Process

New students can apply for housing online after their Enrollment Deposit has been paid. A link to the housing application will be provided in the Enrollment Deposit confirmation email.

Continuing Students

Application Process

Current PLU students who wish to apply to live on-campus must submit a new Housing Application and Roommate Questionnaire every academic year.

The 2017-18 South Hall Applications are due Wednesday, February 22 by 8am.

The 2017-18 Traditional Hall Housing Process will be held in early April.

If you are a continuing student who still needs to apply for housing for the 2016-17 academic year, please email us at 

Room Moves

Students who wish to switch halls/rooms in the middle of the semester must work with their Resident Director.  Students who move or switch rooms without approval may be subject to penalty or required to return to their previous assignment.

Cancellation Process

Continuing students who need to cancel their housing should do so through the Housing Cancellation Form.