These instructions are for current students who are interested in living on campus next year.  Including students who once lived on-campus then moved off campus or home and are now looking to return to campus housing.

For newly admitted students the new student housing application is available online through the Office of Admission:




How To Apply To Live On-Campus for 2020-21

1.  Submit a Housing Application.  Now extended to Thursday, March 26th (11:59pm PST).

2.  Read your email on April 8th.  This email will provide a online form for each student to share their preferences.

3. Preference Form Deadline is on April 21st. This will give students two weeks to complete the form.

4.  Assignments will be made using these forms and the Housing Application emails will be sent in early to mid-May.  Students will be emailed Hall, Room and Roommate assignments for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Additional Information:

Late Applications: Students who do not submit their Housing Applications on time can still be assigned housing if they have someone who will “bring them in” as a roommate.  All remaining late applications will have an opportunity to apply for housing on Friday, April 9th and Monday, April 13th (after 12:00 pm) in Residential Life in AUC 161.

Holds: Students with a hold on their student account must resolve the hold prior to applying for a room. Log into Banner Web to check for holds. If you have a hold, review Student Financial Services website.

Roommates: Both roommates must attend together. Go during the earliest roommate’s time-slot.  Roommate disclaimer – If you do not find a roommate, one will be assigned to you.

Proxy Forms: Students who cannot attend the Room Selection Event (due to class, work or study away) should find a Proxy. If you plan to live with a student who cannot attend you should have them complete the Proxy form.

Need For Special Housing: Students with special housing needs must complete a Need for Special Housing Application and if part of the request includes a single room accommodation a Single Room Application should also be submitted. Contact Residential Life for more information.

Uncertain Housing Plans:  Students still determining their plans for Fall 2020 should complete the Housing Application and contact Residence Life.

Questions or Concerns: Students with a special situation or concern should contact the Department of Residential Life in University Center 161, at 253-535-7200 or at